Norman Elarth: “they will speak of uncontrollable external cost increases, rather than overcompensated and underfunded employees”

8 Aug

From the Chico Enterprise Record:

Policies help conceal false allocation of resources

Aquatic centers, solar power, new sports arenas around Sacramento, etc. Many are seeking the notoriety, above-market compensation, or even the cheap entertainment that becomes available by taxing the workingman. The question is why our politicians want to destroy our wealth by investing in entertainment and doubly expensive electricity, particularly since businessmen will not increase production and employment until workers are capable of paying down debt and increasing expenditures.

Unfortunately, while democracy and capitalism are both succumbing to government overspending, public greed, and the faulty allocation of financial resources, the problem is amplified by the leaders of government and its related entities. In order to maintain their power, they must increasingly provide a free lunch even more grandiose than the public can stomach, and hence we often find that their policies are shrouded in falsehood and deceit.

Thus, while our school board obscures the cash bonus and cumulative 9.2 percent raise given to our teachers, they completely hide the additional 4.3 percent of their salary that we will be paying into their pension fund for the years 2014 and 2015 combined. Another 4.3 percent will be added next year under Assembly Bill No. 1469. Their poorly managed total compensation for 10-months work will be about $60 per hour.

When cities and water and power companies help bankrupt our workers and the elderly with increased fees and rates, they speak of uncontrollable external cost increases, rather than overcompensated and underfunded employees.

— Norman Elarth, Chico

2 Responses to “Norman Elarth: “they will speak of uncontrollable external cost increases, rather than overcompensated and underfunded employees””

  1. bob August 13, 2015 at 7:30 am #

    I bet Norman won’t vote for tax increases.

    Speaking of tax increases I think this could be the official beginning of the propaganda blitz for tax increases…

    You will have the Chamber of Communists…er…Commerce pushing for them, cops, firefighters and every other public employee union plus the crony capitalists who feed out of the government trough…and I bet my last dollar there is much going behind the scenes right now that they want to keep the public from knowing.

    • Juanita Sumner August 13, 2015 at 12:00 pm #

      Well, I said Katie Simmons would be the face of the tax increase, and there she is. She’s ready to throw local businesses, taxpayers and ratepayers under the wheels to keep herself in a job.

      I’d bet my last five bucks her salary is paid entirely out of the city’s “Community Block Grant Funding.”

      So now she’s going to San Luis Obispo to see how they handle their students, eh? Maybe she should spend more time listening to local college students about how they are handled by the city of Chico.

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