It’s time to press our elected officials about this water rate increase – Chico Mayor Mark Sorensen requests Cal Water rate hike be agendized for public discussion

27 Aug

I am on the notice list for the city council and so I receive the agenda about a week ahead of each meeting. Next week’s agenda had a huuuge surprise – Mayor Mark Sorensen has a request up to agendize a discussion about the Cal Water Rate hike.

“Friday, August 21, 2015 8:02 AM – I do hereby request to add to a future agenda a presentation and discussion of California Water Service Company’s rate cases filed with the California Public Utilities Commission, and the subject of district consolidation. Thanks! Mark Sorensen “

Pardon my surprise, but I’ve been including Sorensen in my inquiries about this rate increase filing ever since July 8, when I sent him the article from Market Watch announcing the application. But he never responded, so I didn’t have any idea what he was thinking.

I wish people would contact Sorensen now, immediately, and tell him we want the city to become an “Intervenor,” which means a formal protest of this rate hike. The county has become “a party,” which means they get notices of what is happening with this case, but in order to make a protest, they have to file for “Intervenor status.”

It’s easy enough to become a party, just file the paperwork. The paperwork for Intervenor is a little more complicated. A CPUC employee admitted to me that we’d be better off having our county or city counsel fill out this paper work. The requirements are vague, there’s a disclaimer that states if you don’t cross your t’s and dot your i’s correctly your application could get round-filed.

Write to the full council – send it through Clerk Debbie Presson, that’s makes it formal. That’s

Tell them we want a full protest of this rate hike, the consolidation, and the other items listed by the Office of Ratepayers Advocates, which were not listed on the notice sent out to Cal Water customers.  One thing they’re asking for is elimination of the 10% cap on WRAM. I sent that notice to Sorensen, as well as the notice from the city of Visalia, which has gained Intervenor status on behalf of their district.

It’s time to PUSH!

2 Responses to “It’s time to press our elected officials about this water rate increase – Chico Mayor Mark Sorensen requests Cal Water rate hike be agendized for public discussion”

  1. bob August 29, 2015 at 8:52 am #

    I will but they don’t respond to me any longer.

    But we little people are going to need all the help we can get.

    The cost of living is going to hurt even more.

    The Demonrats want to raise the gas tax another 12 cents. When you factor in sales taxes and the AB32 carbon tax this state already has the highest gas taxes in the country. And to make it worse the Demonrats want to increase the car registration tax again.

    And these Demonrats are just getting started. Check out SB350. These Demonrats are going to kill what’s left of the Colliefornia (as Ahnode calls it) economy.

    • Juanita Sumner August 29, 2015 at 12:58 pm #

      I know, what a bunch of hypocrites. “We don’t want to dump the cost of our horribly maintained infrastructure on the next generation” – Hah! But they’ll dump their unfunded pension liability on the next two or three generations to come!

      same with Cal Water – they told the people of Marysville the infrastructure had been neglected for 60 to 100 years – as if it had been neglected by some third party. Marysville has been paying higher rates than communities 10 minutes down the road, and Cal Water has the nerve to tell them their infrastructure has been neglected. All for their salaries, benefits and pensions.

      Cal Water management pay little to nothing toward their own pensions. That’s an answer we need to get out of them – how much do we pay and how much do the employees pay?

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