Chico Skate Park Solutions to present ideas for Humboldt Road Skate Park at next CARD board meeting, October 15

8 Oct

Chico Skatepark Solutions is a group of local folks who have offered to help CARD salvage the Humboldt Road Skate Park in Chico. The group had their first ad hoc committee meeting Monday October 5 with CARD board members Michael Worley and Jan Sneed and CARD director Ann Willman.

I got a report from CSS member Scott Bailey:

We discussed funding options, including approaching the City Council regarding their park funds, money budgeted from CARD for the next fiscal year, fundraising, and grants.  We also discussed prevailing wages and the cost if we were to try to do more than put in a bowl in the grass area of the park.   


The previous design plans drawn up from the Melton Design group last summer are more extensive than my initial request to add a skateboard bowl/pool.  We agreed to set a goal of $200,000 for the project.  


Other discussions included fencing and the importance of using a skatepark builder to pour the cement. Prior to the meeting, I had contacted all of the businesses in the area (Mim’s, Lulu’s, Boradori’s, Square Deal Mattress, and Café Coda) and gave brief input about their support or ideas to make the area safer. 


We left the meeting with an agreement that   1. We would present at the open discussion portion of the next CARD meeting.   2. Ann would look into how Corning was able to get Dreamland Skatepark to pour their cement 3. Chico Skatepark Solutions would move forward with looking into grants and our fundraising ideas that are starting to take shape. 

Bailey says they are  setting up a monthly meeting with CARD, which he expects will be held regularly on one Monday of the month, 5:30 being the time chosen – he’ll get back to us on which Monday. 

I really appreciate Scott Bailey taking the time to make this report to the taxpayers. These ad hoc meetings are not required to be noticed to the public. Thanks Scott!

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