March, 2013 – Cal Water requested 38% rate hike, most of it for pensions and benefits

9 Oct

Here is a post from March of 2013 that everybody should read again.


I got my water bill today,  and you probably got the same notice – they are applying for that “30 – 40” percent rate hike they warned us about last year.  To be exact, 38 percent.

Yep, your bill will go up by more than a third, you can do the math. This may not mean much to people who spend the majority of their time at work/school/car,  live indoors, using their home as a storage unit, a place to flush, shower and shave.  But if you like to enjoy your yard, particularly if you like to garden, get ready for a kick in the pants. Not only the lush lawns but vegetable gardens and small orchards may become a thing of the past as soon as the cost of water eliminates the economy of home grown food.

Last year I had seen this coming. You may remember, I killed…

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