Newsbits: CARD hosts public aquatic center meeting tonight; Council votes to apply for “Intervenor” status in Cal Water rate case

16 Dec

I am staying home this week, because I’m tired of having this dam-ned cold. I’m going to beat it, but that means house arrest with a heating pad and the ginormous size bottle of generic aspirin.

I won’t be able to attend the public meeting CARD has scheduled tonight, but I did get some news from Director Ann Willmann.

Dear Juanita, 

There were 29  people that signed in at the first public workshop. The reports provided by the consultants are the notes from the meeting. There is a sheet included with comments from attendees. There were only a few comments as most of them came through the interactive process that was reported through the documents provided. There will be a final report to the board of directors in early 2016 that will include the information gathered through these workshops. 

 In regards to the upcoming meeting notice, there is a notice on our home page of our website with a large picture. Additional advertising took place via a PSA to other news agencies, an email newsletter to our current customers as well as an email to past attendees. Our goal is to have public participation in the process and I appreciate your feedback regarding available documents. In the near future back up documents will be posted on our website as part of future agenda packets. I have requested the addition of the Shapiro Pool info to the feasibility page.

 Thank you, Ann

I believe the reports she’s talking about have been loaded on the website, I have not had time to check.

I didn’t make it to last night’s council meeting, but watched online. The item regarding the Cal Water rate increase came up after 9:30, and went so fast I wasn’t sure what I heard. I listened to it again today, and I think they voted to apply for “Intervenor” status. This whole thing is worse than trigonometry class – you’re afraid to ask a question because it might just get more confusing.

It sounded at first like council attorney Vince Ewing was recommending “Party” status, saying there was really no difference between “Party” and “Intervenor,” that they are used “interchangeably” in the rules. Then he seems to shift, recommending “Intervenor” status. That’s what Sorensen must have heard too, cause that was the motion I heard – “Intervenor” status. That passed  unanimously.

Merry Christmas Council, I was afraid you were going to load my stocking full of horse puckey again this year.

Ewing also recommended the city file for legal/attorney fees to be paid by the CPUC. See, I told you this guy was way more qualified than me to be doing this kind of work. He is a bright young man with oodles of expensive schooling and he looks really sharp in that suit.

And now, I will leave you for my Max Fleischer cartoons and a cup of hot lemonade.

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