Election 2016 sneaking in the back door – what rough beast, know what I mean?

14 Jan

Here’s the latest schedule of events for Butte County Election 2016.


What I was looking for are the deadlines for announcing candidacy and for putting measures on the ballot. Looks like all that stuff has to be done by late February – by March 14, the county clerk is supposed to be appointing letters to the various measures and turning ballot information over to the state printing plant. 

I don’t know all the rules for measures and bonds, but it looks like the paperwork needs to be submitted by February 4th for consideration at a February 23 Supervisor’s meeting. So, I will keep an eye on county agendas. 

Here’s the schedule on the Secretary of State’s website, easier to read:


I’ve been waiting so long, I was afraid I’d go to sleep before the action started. Now’s the time to check these websites regularly to see what is going to end up on our June primary ballot. 

As usual our lazy city clerk, $135,000/year plus benefits Debbie Presson, has not posted any election information. I think we have three seats up in November – Morgan, Schwab and Stone.  Correction (thanks R.K.): Tami Ritter’s seat is also up for grabs.   Our lovely clerk is still posting old information from Election 2014. She insists she does not have to post up-to-date campaign contribution information online because the city does not require her to do so. I would like to see both her and “deputy” clerk Dani Brinkley retire soon. I’d just like to see what kind of clerk’s office we could have if those two weren’t sitting on it, like a couple of hogs in the manger.


 None of the encumbents are campaigning publicly right now, but I’m pretty sure they are all gathering money.  But no websites, no press releases. Why is this election so quiet? 


2 Responses to “Election 2016 sneaking in the back door – what rough beast, know what I mean?”

  1. Rob January 14, 2016 at 4:49 pm #

    Juanita, can’t CARD call their own election, like the Vector Control people did a few years ago?

    • Juanita Sumner January 14, 2016 at 4:59 pm #

      good question, yes I think they can. Don’t quote me on this, but I think a bond has to go on the general ballot, while an assessment can be made by sending ballots around to homeowners in the district.

      They would have to have their paperwork in by mid-February for a bond, I don’t know the procedure for an assessment. When I asked the former director literally yelled at me and hung up the phone. I really don’t know how to find out, I’ve searched that information online but haven’t got anything.

      I’ll guess – it goes through the board, which means, we have to watch CARD board meetings more closely. I wish more people would attend CARD meetings, they’re actually run better and over more quickly than Chico city council meetings. See agendas here – the next scheduled meeting is January 21st, but that agenda will probably not be posted until a few days before the meeting.


      They don’t post agendas or minutes from the Aquatic Facility Committee meetings on this page because, according to Ann Willmann – “When created the committee was an Ad Hoc Committee and was treated as such”. There are some documents from the consultants under “Aquatic Study” there to the left, but no real reports of any committee or public meetings. This is also where Willmann chooses to notice upcoming meetings – how the hell is the public supposed to find that?

      You have to watch the board meetings.

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