Chico is a mushroom patch

20 Apr

Of course we are all a-titter over the Esplanade. I’ll tell you what – it amazes me what gets people’s attention around here. Yeah, I  care about the Esplanade – I also care about the millions in tax dollars that would be squandered on such a project, and furthermore – I know they’re just doing it to get federal grants to help them feed their pension monster. I’m not hearing that in the conversation, I’m just hearing a bunch of idiots, many of whom moved here within the last 10 years, whining and crying about the city’s history. 

I’d be interested in hearing their versions  of Chico history.  I mean, I’ve lived here all my life, I know people who’ve been born and raised here in town, and I bet you wouldn’t get the same story twice. 

Can anybody tell me about the big head stone in the cemetery, marked “Moak”? Now there’s a story about a nice family, and they continue to be a real nice family around here today. Nuff said?

History. Sometimes it’s better not to turn that rock  over.

I’m more concerned with the present day, and I wish more people would be. I’m sorry to make fun, I won’t include the name, but I got a comment yesterday that illustrates how out of touch this little band of terrorists actually are. This person found an old post about Measure J,

and posted two comments:

First – Stop the turn around on the esplande. Stop change things. You ruined the city park with cement took the tree and the homey fill our little town had. Now you you build to many house to close together on to narrow streets. You ruined our pioneer days now there is nothing about pioneer week. It sucks you allowed the students actions to effect us. In our wonderful little town. But you don’t listen to the tax paying adults who live here. Stop speeding on art project s that are ugle and bring back our comfortable small town feeling where everyone had fun and was proud of where we live.

And here’s where she starts channeling Miss Emily Latella:

Is that women crazy? Phone tax so if you have a $350.00. Phone bill what pray tell more does she want us to pay. Family of four soon to be five. We can’t afford any dime for phone let alone what ever project she want to fund. I want to fight this all the way. This is Very upset citizen who can’t afford any tax or otherwise increases.

I won’t blame this person for being confused. I also tried to find contact information for the group who was threatening a referendum regarding the decision made last week, but all they have is Facebook. I don’t do Facebook – it’s exclusive to other people who do Facebook. When you want to get your message out there, how does it pay to be exclusive? 

So, I contacted Andrew Coolidge, because he was all over the local news, trying to put his name on this referendum. Same tactic he tried to use with Measure J, and even I fell for it. He calls the media and tells them he’s jumping on some popular movement. Then does nothing. He did nothing to oppose Measure J, he didn’t even take a sign for his front yard, or offer to distribute signs. Looks like he’s pulled the same thing with this Esplanade referendum thing – he never answered my inquiry, and I’m not expecting any response.  Coolidge is all yak, and no substance.

He’s a liar too. When he was running for office, he came to speak to a little group of us at the library, and one story he told was about him and a group of local candidates getting together to try to tell other candidates (like Dave Donnan and Joe Montes?) that they should drop  out of the race because they would be “stealing” votes from Coolidge and the other conservatives. Later he denied telling me that, and made lawyer-sounding threats, telling me I had to take that out of the blog. Well, I did, but I’m putting it back, lying bitch.  Montes told a story later that indicated he’d been one of the candidates, but when I pressed Montes, he wouldn’t tell me who it was who told him to drop out. They all stick together, like a big turd.

And the comments above illustrate the kind of voter we have in Chico – a regular mushroom, kept in the dark and fed regular doses of bullshit.



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