Pic of the Day, Chico California

10 Jun
Gotta love this town!

Gotta love this town!

I have a sense of humor just like the next guy. I am not too uptight to laugh at a fart joke.  

But property crime kind of bothers me. If somebody scrawled something like this on my fence, I’d call the cops and report it as vandalism.  

Hold it there – after a second thought, I wouldn’t bother calling Chico PD. I’d put a game camera on my property and find out who is doing it for myself. Chico PD is fairly worthless, you should really ask yourself – is it worth getting involved with those idiots?

Did you know, they demand overtime to patrol the Downtown area? I just don’t know what to think of that. Well, yes I do – I’d call it “insubordination” and show them the exit, telling them not to let the screen door hit them on the ass.

But, council has their hands tied, seeing as the majority were elected with Chico Police Association money, or money channeled through ex-chief Mike Maloney’s PAC. Mark Sorensen tried to deny he was paid for by the cops – read the election reports, it’s all there.  Big developers and cops own your mayor.

I would have sent this into the Enterprise Records “Hot Shots” pics, but you know, David Little is so uptight, you couldn’t pull a needle out of his ass with a tractor. He is down on any kind of body humor.   He once sent back one of my letters because I’d used the word “crap”.  He said, “we don’t print ‘crap’…well, I mean, we don’t print the word ‘crap’…”  I guess there’s some sort of humor there.  

Anyhoo, there’s your ‘Pic of the Day’ for Chico, California.



5 Responses to “Pic of the Day, Chico California”

  1. bob June 11, 2016 at 12:13 pm #

    Hold it there – after a second thought, I wouldn’t bother calling Chico PD. I’d put a game camera on my property and find out who is doing it for myself.

    And then what? I had a similar situation. I told the cops if they weren’t going to catch the thief stealing my property than I would. The cops told me NOT to even try. They said if I wanted to give them a picture of the thief fine but they told me not do do anything else such as trying to detain the thief. They said if I tried to detain the criminal and the criminal bolted and I used force (such as tackling, punching, etc.) to detain the criminal I would be charged with a crime.

    Even if I gave them a picture of the criminal they admitted the chances of catching the criminal and me getting my property back were slim. So I ask them what I was supposed to do. This was for a truck cover which had been stolen multiple times even though it was secured with a cable and lock. You know what they told me? Buy a cheap cover a thief wouldn’t be interested in stealing. And this is what we pay them six figure salaries and retirement at 50 with six figure pensions for? Sometimes I think cops are just the thugs of the politicians. They don’t give a rat’s @ass about the people who pay their salaries and pensions. Their first and only priority is protecting a corrupt system and the government and making sure we do what the government wants.

    • Juanita Sumner June 11, 2016 at 1:31 pm #

      I’ve had similar discussions with both PD and code enforcement. They told me they can’t look at pictures or videos, they have to catch the criminal/code violator red handed, yadda yadda.

      One day I was standing out in my back yard with my old boxer Venus. She saw something and ran after it, and I chased behind, caught a glimpse of a skinny guy wearing nothing but a pair of those reeeeaaaally short shorts and a lot of tattoos, all knees and elbows across my back acre and then WHOOP! over the back fence into a neighbors yard. He ran like a wild thing, even Venus was stymied, she let him go. We had kids that tried to cut across our acre all the time, so I let it go, and even forgot about it. Having had nothing but frustration with the cops over other trespassing issues – including a neighbor kid who liked to stand on his roof and shoot at our dogs with a pellet gun – I wouldn’t even have thought of calling the cops.

      A few weeks later, I was talking to my old hippy neighbor, I’d forgotten about the naked tattoo’d man, and Neighbor starts telling me his usual marathon story (and you thought I could yak) – “I was sitting out in the back yard tuning my banjo one day when…” Aha, I hadn’t been crazy, the naked tattoo’d man had sprinted across Neighbor’s back yard on his way to my backyard. Neighbor had been startled enough to give chase, and, much to his wife’s horror, actually tackled the guy and sat on him. So, here’s my half naked neighbor, 55, 60 year old ex-truck driver, sitting on a half naked tattoo’d guy in his back yard, nothing but a banjo (and an expensive banjo it was) to protect himself. What to do, what to do… then he heard the police sirens, running up the street. He asked the guy, “is that all about you?” The guy nodded. Neighbor told him, “I’m going to let you up, and you’re going to get the hell out of my yard, and never come back, right?” The man nodded again and took off toward my place – my neighbor having no idea who else this man might encounter, nor what his beef with the cops was about, just let him go.

      I told him the man had run across my yard, and into another neighbor’s yard, and I had not even considered calling the cops. He felt the same way – it is almost never worth getting involved with the cops. That might sound irresponsible until you get involved with the cops.

      So, the next time we had “an intruder” on our property, we armed ourselves with a baseball bat and a broomstick and escorted him off our property to the street out front, and we told him if he came back we had a hole to fill in the back yard anyway.

  2. bob June 14, 2016 at 8:39 am #

    Your buddy Ann Willmann will discuss how CARD plans to fart away our tax dollars.

    It looks like one way or another they will build their megaflopolis. Now they are going to try to get money from the state. When you factor in the long term costs of operation and maintenance I am sure whatever they get from the state will be pennies on the total cost dollar. If this goes through we will look back and say they have long farted it, just like the sign says. Maybe in the year 2030 when the megaflopolis is in disrepair like the current pool they can use your sign.


    • Juanita Sumner June 14, 2016 at 2:55 pm #

      Thanks Bob, you nailed it! I knew that sign was trying to tell us something, bigger than vandalism.

      Ten years of “failure maintenance” on the part of city staff, our roads, our parks, recreation facilities in ruins – they long farted it.

      Jim’s been updating me on the Chico Scrap Metal fiasco – staffer copied the wrong words, $150,000 for a special election. That’s “long farting it.”

      Our town is flatulent to the point of disgrace.

  3. R.M.Jaystil June 15, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    I thought it was a city of ‘droids. Now I see it was plain fear.
    They serve YOU. Make them do their meagre jobs. Make those fat overpaid asses honour the badge they shine!
    Fear them and you hand your civil rights to yet another armed tribe.
    A loyal Marine honours the privileges you have by a thousandfold. Make that Marine’s sacrifice mean something. Semper Fi!

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