Hey Bob! I need a proof reader…

4 Aug

No, dammit, I did not attend that “Local Government Committee” meeting yesterday. I had wanted to find out if the county had come up with a plan to close the poo ponds at the dump yet, but I guess I’ll have to write a note to staff and ask where that discussion has gone.  They’ve already admitted that if they close that facility to enlarge the dump, as planned, septic service companies will have to truck their cargo out of the county. One staffer reported that would double the cost of having a tank pumped.

I don’t know how many people on the committee or staff have septic tanks, but they should know, almost all of unincorporated Butte County is on septic as well as quite a number of homes in Chico. A lot of people already don’t get their tanks pumped often enough – now what? Staff has been working on “alternatives,” including a new facility at Chico Wastewater Treatment Plant and Fly Factory, out there west of town. I don’t know about that, I think that would also prove to be cost prohibitive for homeowners. Given that our sewer fund has been in the red for years, pilfered by “cost allocations” to different funds to pay salaries and benefits, this just sounds like another opportunity for the City of Chico to put their thumb in our pie. Or in this case, our septic tanks.

There were a few interesting items on that agenda, but things pile up on me by 3:30 in the afternoon, it was 105 on my patio, didn’t seem like a good idea to mount the old three-speed and go gallomphing out into the 3-digits.  Oh well, I’ll have to check in with staff and see what they’re up to.

Instead of going to the meeting, I decided to stay home and work on another project. I’m looking for proof readers – Hey Bob!  Can you contact me here, I need you to read something over for me, see what you think.


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