School district expects us to bail them out of deficit, again

31 Aug

Well, here’s where I been lately.

Measure K is Chico  Unified School  District’s latest bond – $152 million up front, $270 million with interest.  Again they complain the schools are falling apart and they need money for repairs. Here’s the measure:

Click to access 35_measure_k_resolution.pdf

And here’s the breakdown on what it will actually cost:

Click to access 35_measure_k_tax_rate_statement.pdf

They already have bonds totaling over $130 million, plus interest. Passed in 1998, $48.7 Measure A, with which they promised to build a new high school, was “frittered away” with the excuse that enrollment had suddenly tapered down and the third high school was no longer needed. In 2012 they started whining about how old and crappy the schools were,  and needed another  $78 million.  That passed a lot more easily because the legislature had lowered the threshold from 2/3’s to 55 percent.  The general public does not support school district decisions, but CUSD has enough employees and idiot parents to beat the rest of us into a corner.

It was Bob who pointed out to me, nobody ever seems to oppose these tax grabs.  He’s right – nobody formally opposed either of those last two CUSD bonds. No group or individual has been opposing the various sales tax increases put up in towns like Paradise, where less than 200  people even voted on the measure. 

So, I looked at the county clerk’s website, and I found out any individual who is eligible to vote on a measure can submit an “Argument Against” for the ballot. I was given a copy of the measure and I had about a week after the measure was posted to come up with a 300 word argument as to why it should not pass.

Click to access 35_argument_against_measure_k.pdf

Yes, they’ve been spending all the money on themselves, no surprise there. About 90 percent of the budget goes to salaries and benefits, less than 8 percent goes into Capital Outlay, of which maintenance is only a tiny fraction. In some budget years, Capital Outlay is listed as “$0”.   So excuse me if I find their spastic claims of 50 year old rotten buildings just a bit disingenuous. 

Oh but look who’s peddling this turd – your mayor!  

Click to access 35_argument_in_favor_measure_k.pdf

Why do you think Katie Simmons left out her title as director of the Chamber of Commerce?  

Here’s my rebuttal to their “Argument For”

Click to access 35_rebuttal_to_argument_in_favor_of_measure_k.pdf

I think I did a pretty good job of answering their claims, I put a lot of time and research  into it.  Meanwhile, they just resubmitted their “Argument For”, asserting that I “missed the point.” 

Click to access 35_rebuttal_to_argument_in_favor_of_measure_k.pdf

Yes, I see they’ve got themselves a new band. Look at all the public salaries involved in support of this tax measure – makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 

No, I don’t think I missed the point, I think I hit it pretty good and hard. The district doesn’t care about “the kids,” they care about their paychecks and their retirement bling.  They salaried, benefitted, and pensioned themselves into deficit, and now they expect us to haul their asses out again.


2 Responses to “School district expects us to bail them out of deficit, again”

  1. Becky October 12, 2016 at 2:06 am #

    Many buildings in this district are not fit for students to attend. You can find a copy of the facilities assessment on the CUSD website. It was completed by a third party and shows many of our buildings are sub par. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to take a tour of Hooker Oak or Loma Vista school. Some of our buildings are severely overcrowded and others are unhealthy for our students with allergies and asthma due to poor air quality from outdated HVACs, leaky roofs contributing to mold problems, and general deterioration. The fact is that our buildings aren’t adequate for our next generation of community members to receive a quality education. There is no other funding to update and rebuild our schools at this time.

    • Juanita Sumner October 12, 2016 at 4:48 am #

      WHY haven’t facilities been maintained? Why have they been allowed to sink into such a state of disgrace while $25, 26, 27, 28 million has gone out for pensions and benefits? More money for pensions and benefits every year, even as staff has been cut. More money for pensions and benefits every year, even when the number in the capital outlay column has been as little as ZERO.

      Are you a school employee Becky? If so, how much of your own pension do you pay?

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