There’s no more time for “civility” in the “homeless” conversation – let’s just say it like it is – too many of us are enabling the bums

25 Sep


Texas consultant Robert Marbut spoke to local “homeless advocates” the other day and told them that Chico/Butte County is headed for trouble if we don’t quit “enabling” transients.  This is a message that has played across the pages of local newspapers and been the subject of too many meetings, but this guy is an “expert” so heads were turned.


It’s about time we had a real conversation about “the homeless problem.”  But, there are too many people in our community who stand to benefit from keeping the status quo.

Meanwhile, League of Women Voters hosted a symposium on “civility.” I’m sorry, civility is a shield that bureaucrats use when the taxpayers ask too many questions. I’ve sat in meetings asking, why so much money for county behavioral health, why so much staff time and money going to the benefit of these criminal transients, arrested and released back into our community time and time again?  I’ve used the words “enabling behavior,” and I’ve been treated like a skunk at a garden party. I wish the LWV observer would show up at one of those Local Government Committee meetings, where Stairways manager Mike “Trucker Hat” Madeiros tries to glare down anybody who questions the spending or the salaries. According to Butte County Admin Officer Paul Hahn,  over half the county budget goes to programs for mental health and indigent “residents”. 

When I’ve complained here about policies and money given to the Torres Shelter, I’ve had shelter director Brad Montgomery up my ass. He tried to tell me the Torres doesn’t get tax money.  This post sure shut him up.

Go out around town sometime. Try riding your bike through Bidwell Park. Go Downtown in the wee hours. Walk your neighborhood at 5am.  I’m tired of being civil. 





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