Looks like neither Karl Ory, Ann Schwab, Randall Stone nor Tami Ritter have any respect for the voters or the rules

3 Nov
I don't know if this mailer is illegal, but it's certainly misleading.

I don’t know if this mailer is illegal, but it’s certainly misleading.

City council candidate Karl Ory should certainly know the election  laws of Chico – according to his own website, he’s already served six years on Chico City Council, two of those in the mayor’s seat. I don’t remember Ory’s tenure, but I know, this town is in the heap, because of decisions that have been made over the last 25 – 30 years.  

I don’t know the laws regarding mailers, but I know the Chico Democrats have pulled something illegal in almost every election – most recently, Chico Dems purse-man Kelly Meagher was hit with thousands in fines for disregarding the filing rules – he was apparently supposed to be filing in Chico for Chico elections but for years the Dems filed  in Oroville. I thought that was weird – they did it because Candace Grubbs did not have a good campaign finance page on her website, it was really hard to see where candidates/PAC’s money was coming from.  All the  sudden a law must have changed or maybe Grubbs woke up at her post and decided to hit Meagher with a violation.

Both Michael Worley and Dave Guzzetti have been hit with fines for their abuses of the campaign laws too. They send mailers out with false names of fake organizations  for years, including a hit-piece on Larry Wahl made to look as though it came from the established organization “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers”.  They get fined for these hijinx election  after election,  but they just keep doing it.

Ann Schwab, who has been on council for what,  12 years, at least 4 of those as mayor, should know better, and so should Randall Stone and Tami Ritter, but I’m guessing it was with their permission that the above mailer was sent out, purporting to be from the city of Chico.

I sent this picture to city clerk Debbie “Have a Great Day!” Presson,  and she responded that she was forwarding it to county clerk Candace Grubbs. Grubbs responded that I should call her to discuss it, and I told her she should just take care of it herself. I’m the watchdog, I bark,  these salaried people are supposed to do the leg work. 

We’ll  see what they come up with. For now, you know, Schwab, Ory, Stone and Ritter are cheaters, and that’s how they operate.

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