School district hiding “about a million dollar” lawsuit from the public, who knows what else they got rattling around in their closets

23 Nov

I found out so much weird stuff about the school district during the Measure K campaign – what a can of worms! 

For example, when I looked at the Butte County Superior Court website, I saw a lot of lawsuits involving Chico Unified

Wow, on the first  page – “10 of 61 items”

I found one lawsuit the district pressed against Chico  State last year. They sued to stop CSUC from handing over  a batch of e-mails district staff and board members sent through the CSUC server instead of using their own district e-mail accounts. They won, but I’ve heard it cost the taxpayers a pretty penny to protect staffers from the consequences of their illegal activities. 

This scenario should sound familiar, cause  similar actions just took down Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Clinton sent e-mails through her staff’s accounts, and all we hear is that she was trying to hide something. She’s been investigated by the FBI – why hasn’t the FBI investigated Chico Unified?

Why hasn’t Mike Ramsey done anything? 

What is Kelly Staley trying to hide?  What is the board trying to hide? They spent “about a million dollars” protecting themselves, not the children. Reminds me of the end scene from “Dead  Zone”.

Questions, soooo many questions.

I have asked around and have received a lot of information from past and present school employees, including estimates of the expense of last year’s lawsuit  – “about a million” – “over a million” – “a million dollars” –  but I wanted to get the exact dollar figure from district finance officer Kevin Bultema.  I got a note from Bultema yesterday:

Good afternoon Ms Sumner,

As a follow-up to your email request for the total expense related to the CSUC lawsuit, we have requested a  report from our attorney to make sure all invoices specific to this case are presented.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday, we expect to receive this information early next week and I’ll provide you the information as soon as it is received.  I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving

Well, thank you very much Mr. Bultema. I have to wonder, how much $taff time will go into my request? He could have just given me a dollar figure, I know he knows – he’s supposed to know, he’s the district’s finance superintendent.  

The voters get what the voters demand.  And so far, the voters are too busy trying to stuff a mouse in a teapot to see what’s going on right in front of them. 

2 Responses to “School district hiding “about a million dollar” lawsuit from the public, who knows what else they got rattling around in their closets”

  1. bob November 23, 2016 at 7:30 am #

    Why didn’t David Little cover this in his paper, the Chico Enterprise Record?

    How about Melissa Daugherty at the Chico News and Review?

    She has received tens of thousands of dollars from people in the community so the CNR could conduct “investigative reporting.”

    Why was the public not made aware of this and instead these papers urged us to pass a bond measure that will cost tax payers $270 million? Yes, over a quarter of a BILLION dollars! And this is ON TOP of the debt CUSD already has.

    Both of these papers pushed Measure K so I guess it’s no surprise they would not investigate this. Obviously they do not want the community to know what’s going on and to have CUSD held responsible.

    It seems to me we live in a corrupt little town where the truth is hidden from the public and the local media either doesn’t care or is in on it!

    • Juanita Sumner November 24, 2016 at 5:20 am #

      good point about the N&R – I had forgotten they had an account on the begging website.

      Ha ha – I just had a visual of Melissa standing on a median there on 20th Street with a sign that says “will not work but want money”

      Yeah, this town has sunk to a new low.

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