CARD survey heavily led, questions close ended – when did 28 percent become “overwhelming support”?

17 Mar

I was surprised to find the CARD board meeting well-attended last night, but I think more people, including city staffers and commission members, were there to hear the discussion  about CARD taking park impact fees from developers. I went to hear the consultant’s report regarding the assessment survey.

Survey? 400 people in a town of over 80,000? I know – but let’s look  at it anyway.

The consultant also spoke of significantly leading respondents, even asking them to choose between pitches at one point.


Can you believe that? The callers actually read these to the respondents and asked them, which one of these pitches would make you want to tax yourself and your neighbors?

Of course, respondents were chosen by demographics – they called people who lived close to various parks, for example, and found those people would certainly support a tax!   

They also reported a very real confusion between CARD parks (ball  fields, playgrounds and neighborhood parks) and Bidwell Park, owned and maintained by the city of Chico.  I think they will try to play that confusion to their advantage. 

I will post more of the survey later.

3 Responses to “CARD survey heavily led, questions close ended – when did 28 percent become “overwhelming support”?”

  1. bob March 19, 2017 at 4:03 pm #

    What a waste of our tax dollars. How many tens of thousands of dollars are we paying for this again?

    We can expect more of this type of activity because every gooberment entity wants a tax increase. The cops, fire fighters, public works, CARD…the list is endless. In LA they just passed a sales tax increase for the hobos. Of course vast majority of the money will go to the various bureaucracies and the rest of the poverty pimps. No matter how much they take it will never be enough.

    • Juanita Sumner March 20, 2017 at 4:30 am #

      I agree. That’s why I’m determined to fight this one.

      If you have the time, call or e-mail CARD and ask them for a copy of the survey. They gave them out free at the meeting, and the public is entitled to anything that’s been seen by the board.

      That’s 895-4711, or

      Poverty Pimps! Good one!


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