Trying to pry public information out of the public “servants”

14 Apr
Re: some questions about the septage ponds at Neal Road
Today, 5:56 AM
Kirk, Maureen (; (

I still have not had any response from Bill Mannel.  I looked over Board of Supervisors agendas and minutes and the reports are very incomplete. I’m sorry to bother you people, but the public is not being engaged in this discussion. 

I contacted the city of Lincoln and they say they don’t know anything about this deal. The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting only says, “The Board recently approved a contract for the transfer and disposal of septage at a facility in Lincoln, CA, and the Department has contracted with Carollo Engineers to provide design, engineering, and construction support for this proposed septage transfer station”

Minutes for the September discussion are very incomplete. These reports don’t tell the public anything.

It looks like you are trying to run this deal under the radar as far as possible. Remember what happened with your garbage deal – you didn’t engage the public soon enough, and when you did, you got, and I’m quoting Mr. Hahn – “phones ringing off the hook for two weeks.”  Newsflash – they’re still mad. 

 I can’t believe Staff has not analyzed the cost to septic tank owners. You need to get that information out there before you force us into this deal. 


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