Trash Tax: $taff divvies up trash tax among themselves, no scraps left to fix streets

30 Aug

Next week’s (9/5/17) Chico City Council meeting will include a discussion of how to divvy up the new trash tax, and just as I’d expect, $taff put their pensions first and service, well, third or fourth, according to the report (entire report available at the following link)

Budget Policies
Pursuant to the Council’s Budget Policies, the following would be followed by staff without Council earmarking. ( Meaning, without council approval, or any public oversight.)
D.1.a. The City will dedicate new ongoing revenue sources in the following manner and priority·
Priority 1. Fixed cost increases, such as built-in contract escalators, benefit increases outside City control including CalPERS pension contributions, etc.; (pretty clear – we are not allowed to refuse to fund the pensions/benefits, we have to give them as much as they want)
Priority 2: Funding significant long-term liabilities, and replenishing General Fund and Emergency Reserve, Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Compensated Absences funds to established targets; (more employee benefits, plus money for the General Fund, which has no spending rules or limits. All for employee benefits. Compensated Absences – the city pays for sick days and vacation that weren’t taken, so when an employee doesn’t take these days, they get paid for them in addition to 52 weeks of working pay.)
• Priority 3: Replenishing internal service funds, such as Vehicle Replacement, Building
Maintenance, etc.; (this is another employee benefits – they put their vehicles and maintenance of the air conditioned offices they work in ahead of fixing public infrastructure. The public doesn’t own City Hall, the employees own it – ever see the fee schedule for using the council chambers or any of the meeting rooms?)
• Priority 4: Discretionary expenditures and negotiable items.  (“negotiable items” – that means, services we always assumed they’d be providing for us, but now we find, they will expect us to pay extra to fix streets, sidewalks, or any other public fixtures.)

Ever read/see “A Christmas Carol”? Well, here, $taff divvies stands over the corpse of our city and divvies up our last possessions. 

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