Downtown Chico Jack in the Box installs bars “to protect employees…” – is Jack in the Box the problem with Downtown crime? Or Chico PD?

4 Dec

From Channel 7 News, in Redding:

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the picture was, this isn’t about drinks and food being thrown, because those bars wouldn’t stop it. In fact, it reminds of the scene from “Blues Brothers” where the  boys play the cowboy bar, “protected” from the raucous mob of beer chucking music haters by nothing but chain link fencing. Jack in the Box employees will not be protected from flying tacos and drinks by these hokey bars.

But these bars might stop a person from jumping over the counter to attack and/or rob the employees. Well, what about law abiding customers? 

Jack in the Box staff are reluctant to blame “the homeless“, but as one customer observed, “There’s the park right over there and there’s a really large homeless population here and they specifically, a lot of them sleep over there or hang out over there…”

The story concludes, “So whether it’s the park, the downtown party crowd, or even just the average Joe that’s the source of the problems, staff said they think every downtown fast food spot in any city would have these same types of altercations. “

Really? Is that why the city of Chico installed bullet-proof glass at the Finance Office last year? 

Who is the problem here?  Should we allow 24 hour businesses Downtown, especially when they seem to be a consistent center of criminal activity? But wait a minute – Chico PD gets paid around the clock, including generous overtime allowances – why do we have a crime problem Downtown? 


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