Gas tax opponents hold special petition signings around state

8 Feb

I missed the recent signature gathering event here in Chico – LaMalfa and Nielsen held another rally at Sinclair’s gas station over on Forest Avenue.

Apparently, local Democratic wag Bob Mulhullond was on hand with protesters to tell us we need to shut up and pay. Mulhullond is not above using fascist tactics to shut down his opponents, even sending in pro-abortion protesters. This is not democracy, it’s more like Gangs of New York. 

Mulhullond would like us to believe he cares about highway deaths, but he’s really worried about his wife’s and other public pensions getting paid. 

Luckily the effort in Southern California seems to be going well enough without us.

I wanted to sign the petition so contacted the website, asking where I could sign – they told me to download the petition, print it, sign it, gather any other signatures I  could, and send it in. 

And I  got this note from organizer Carl Demaio:

Two great developments on the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative to share with you:

First, yesterday we hosted two signature drives at gas stations where people could fill up for as little as $1.99 per gallon, got coverage on every TV station in the area, and created gas lines with as much as a 3-hour wait! We got over 3000 signatures on the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative alone from the events.

Well good for that. 

Here’s my message Chico, Butte County and state of California public workers – I’m going to shut down your  gravy train, and spend it on the roads. 

Holiday, stop whining about your salary. 

One Response to “Gas tax opponents hold special petition signings around state”

  1. bob February 8, 2018 at 7:27 am #

    Didn’t hear about Bobby M’s little stunt. I do know Bobby is such a liar even the Demorat party fired him once. But it turned out the Demorats needed all the liars they can get so they eventually re-hired him. And then there’s this from his Wikipedia page:

    Bob Mulholland is the California Democratic Party’s “senior advisor and long time chief spokesperson”,[1] known[2] for intercepting registration cards of voters who had reregistered Green Party, and sending them back with a letter on state Democratic Party letterhead asking the voter to reconsider the change of party.

    Last I heard from Bobby M he helped steal the CA election from Sanders and he was a super delegate for Shillary at the Demorat convention.

    He is a poster boy (or more acurately poster old man) for all that’s wrong in politics. And he’s lying about the gas tax. Expanding highway 70 isn’t going to happen with that gas tax increase money.

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