Gas tax petitioners asking for more signatures to counter Governor Brown’s demand for full count delay

14 Mar

I got a notice from the Reform California people  – “leave it to Jerry Brown to pull another trick!  Gov. Brown plans to demand a full recount of all signatures to delay the process and potentially push us past November’s election.”

This is the kind of BS I expected – in Butte County, our lovely and unchallenged County Recorder, Candy Grubbs, can decide whether to take a sample or do a full count. I thought she made that decision based on her own politics – but apparently there’s a rule.

According to Reform California spokesman Carl Demaio, “Fortunately under the law, if we submit ten percent more signatures than we legally need, Brown can’t demand a full count and we qualify within 30 days on random sample!”

So they’re asking for more signatures, tell your friends – it’s easy to print out, sign, and send in the form. You will get follow-up emails, some of which ask for donations – you can opt out if those are annoying to you, but they will also send updates if you’re interested.


  • California registered voters only
  • be sure to fill out the form completely, including the “signature  gatherer” portion, even if your signature is the only one you gathered.

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