The battle for Chico – looks like the bums are winning. Contact your supervisor, and don’t forget your supervisor candidates

13 Apr

Yesterday my husband and I were running errands and working on our rentals. We had our tools and supplies and our dogs in our truck and we needed a few things at the grocery store. So, we pulled over at Mangrove Safeway and I planned to stay  the truck while my husband went into the store.

As my husband was getting out of the truck a homeless man wandered up to us and asked my husband if he might have some money that he could spare. My husband said no and I leaned forward and told him that panhandling is illegal , and I asked him to get away from our truck because our dogs were barking. We also had tools in the back of our truck and I’ve seen the same kind of stuff in piles of bum trash in the park.

That’s when the bum became belligerent and told me he didn’t have to get away from my truck. Then he accused us of trying to run over him by pulling into the parking space. At that point I became angry and pulled out my cell phone and told him I was going to call the police . Bum started yelling at my husband, “control your woman Bro !” and my  husband decided to move the truck to another parking spot.

As my husband pulled out of the parking place we were in and drove around towards another Shady spot, Bum wandered over towards the gas station, screaming at us as he went.

At this point my husband became worried about leaving us alone while he went into the store. I told him I had my cell phone, and I’d be on my best behavior and stay in the truck. That reassured him and he went into the store.

Bum went his way and didn’t return but I spent the rest of the day wondering why I bother to shop in Chico. Mangrove Safeway is getting as bad as Bidwell Park. We see bums stationed at the entrances everytime we go shopping. They panhandle us when we park our bicycle and we always feel that if we are not polite to them they’ll vandalize our bicycle  when we’re in the store. Now we encounter this guy, wandering freely through the parking lot, panhandling us while we’re there, and then what? Stealing out of our truck while we’re in the store, that’s what.

Well yesterday I got tired of being polite. I guess I felt safe because I was inside my truck with a couple of dogs that could eat your face off. This guy was not fazed.

No I didn’t call the police you know how many times I’ve reported this stuff.

I reported cars being broken into at the disc golf course and the entrance to the park on Centennial Way, and now there are paper signs, warning people not to leave their valuables in their car at these locations. At the disc golf course at Peregrine point, we noticed someone had already torn down one of the signs yesterday. We also noticed a fresh pile of broken car window glass.

What will I do about it? I’ll report it to my County Supervisor, again. We need to ask our County supervisors to stop rubber stamping the programs that bring these people in here.

And since there’s an election coming up and there are signs for Norm Rosene and Tammy Ritter all over my neighborhood I thought I would ask them about it too. If I get any response from these people I’ll be sure to post it.










2 Responses to “The battle for Chico – looks like the bums are winning. Contact your supervisor, and don’t forget your supervisor candidates”

  1. Jim April 13, 2018 at 5:46 am #

    Last Saturday was the day the University invites the parents and prospective new students to visit the Campus. Early that morning, listening to the scanner I heard the Chico Police moving the bums away from Campus and Downtown. When I drove through Downtown mid day, it was remarkably clean and bum free! Now if they can do that to placate the University, why can’t they do that every day?

    We need to get tough with the people who are running our town. The homeless enablers like Ritter, Schwab, will continue to make this situation worse. I don’t see any relief anytime soon.

    • Juanita Sumner April 13, 2018 at 6:54 am #

      Thanks Jim, great point! Good questions for our supervisors

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