No on 68

23 May

As I’ve been keeping track of Revenue measures coming toward the ballot, I see Chico Area Recreation District board of directors is endorsing proposition 68, a bond that promises  just about everything under the rainbow.

4.1 billion dollars for “state and local parks, environmental protection projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects.” Wow Dorothy, pennies from Heaven to solve all our problems!

I assume the CARD board expects to get money from this bond. Like most public agencies, CARD is in deep pension doo doo and needs every dime they can get. An agency with less than 35 full-time employees of their total 400, CARD, like other public agencies, has managed to rack up almost 2 million dollars in pension deficit. Management pays only 2% of her pension. Other staffers pay only 6%. Yet these people, like other public employees, expect to get 70 to 90% of their highest years earning in retirement. How would they possibly expect a scheme like that to work? They expect the taxpayers to pay for it, that’s how.

So, while they plot to put their own local revenue measure either on the ballot in a special election or in your mailbox as an assessment vote for property owners, they also endorse a state measure, hoping to cover all their bases? Yeah wouldn’t it be nice if they could pass both measures!

Opponents of the measure remind us that this bond is essentially a loan and your grandchildren will be paying the interest on it.

Don’t be a sucker, vote no on proposition 68.




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