Well here’s how I voted – let’s see if you can do better!

29 May

Election just one week away – I already mailed in my ballot. If you haven’t mailed your ballot yet I’d recommend turning it in manually at your precinct or at the county clerk’s office in O-ville. 

I don’t like to tell people how to vote, so I’ll tell you how I voted and make predictions. 

In the District 2 Supervisors’ race I think Debra Lucero will mop the floor with Larry Wahl – Wahl has hardly made any campaign. Lucero is determined to  get that $64,000/year salary plus benefits, don’t get in her way. She’s going to be a disaster for Butte County, but sitting here I can’t think of anything good Wahl accomplished during his tenure. Easy come, easy go.

In District 3, I don’t think Ritter has a rat’s ass of a chance, I think there will be a run-off between Rosene and Evans. I don’t think Rosene has enough experience. I’m not crazy about Evan’s pro-developer attitude, but he’s a nice guy, you can walk up to him at Safeway and have a real conversation. Rosene doesn’t have anything but “public safety!” What the hell does that mean? 

 The other race that concerns me is Butte County Assessor – in a nutshell, Diane Brown has the experience, she’s worked at the assessor’s office for years, and she’s approachable. She also lowered assessments on over-valued properties when she could legally do so, which helped families all over Butte County hold onto their homes. Stone claims he’s been on the appeals board, helping people fight over assessment? Let’s see the records, they’re supposed to be public, but I sure can’t find any evidence of Stone’s claims.

Stone is also claiming to be Hispanic? What?

Have I missed anybody? Neither Mike Ramsey nor Candace Grubbs are being challenged for their long-term positions. We need term limits on these people. 

As for the state ballot – I voted for John Chiang for Governor, even though he doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance against Newsome (who in my family we call The Joker). Chiang is the guy who got us the publicpay.gov site, he’s the guy who told us about the pensions. 

The other state office I am concerned about is US Senate – how can we convince Dianne Feinstein to fold up her legs and go home? She’s had her run, and it’s been bad for the rest of us. But you know, once people get that kind of money and power it’s a wrestling match getting it away from them. Knowing nothing about most of her challengers, I tried to figure out, who had the best chance of beating her, at least drag it out to November. My husband and I both held our noses and voted for Democrat Kevin Deleon. No, I don’t really want him for senate, but he’s the best crack we have at taking votes from Feinstein. Aside from landing a house on her ugly old ass.

As for the propositions:

NO on 68, the bond act. These vaguely written bonds have got to stop, there are so many loopholes it’s like a sieve.

As for 69, YES, these taxes have been enacted and until we are able to appeal in November we want these assholes to be spending whatever money on actual road repairs. But “improving transit” is still a loophole – they can use these funds for stuff like that stupid “experimental” bike lane recently installed Downtown.  Let’s work hard to get that repeal passed in November. 

70 was confusing, I hate cap and trade, but it seems like this bill would control the spending. I voted YES.

NO on 71 – read it. They want to delay the results of the election. Carl Demaio pointed out, this would mean, even if we repeal the  gas taxes, they would continue to be collected until the vote has  been “certified” – they can hold out on that, and we continue to pay! What a scam.

YES on 72 was a no brainer for me – I’ve spent considerable time rigging “water capture” systems to keep the base of my house from rotting out from under me. To think Randall Stone could come over and reassess my house for more on the basis of rain barrels is ridiculous. 

I have got so discouraged lately, I almost didn’t vote. In fact, after  last election, all that bullshit out of the clerk’s office about lost ballots, I was considering telling Grubbs to take my name off the rolls. But I woke up – you can’t bitch about it if you don’t vote. And I like to bitch about stuff.

2 Responses to “Well here’s how I voted – let’s see if you can do better!”

  1. Jim May 29, 2018 at 6:57 am #

    I can’t think of anything Lucero is done that is positive, yet like you, I’m afraid she will get elected. Some of my well informed liberal friends are against her.

    • Juanita Sumner May 29, 2018 at 10:25 am #

      Thanks Jim – I have noticed Lucero has a problem getting along with others – like Ann Schwab. I hope that’s a good omen.

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