Reform California: Caltrans Work Crew Caught Stopping Traffic to Distribute Campaign Fliers Opposed to Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative – City of Chico caught red-handed too!

31 Aug

The Reform California folks have had to file suit againn over illegal use of taxpayer money and resources by  public agencies to promote SB 1, the gas tax. They got video of people in Caltrans uniforms, with Caltrans vehicles, handing out “No on 6” literature.

“On Tuesday, a Caltrans work crew along State Route 78 in San Diego stopped traffic and handed each driver a “No on Prop 6″ flier! We got calls from angry commuters who were appalled at the traffic delay and the inappropriate use of our tax funds for politics! We sent a video crew out to collect the evidence — this is now an open and shut case of illegal diversion of gas tax funds for politics! (Read the full complaint and view evidence below)”

Read more and watch the video here:

RELEASE: Criminal Complaint Filed Over Caltrans Work Crew Caught Illegally Distributing Campaign Materials

“The campaign flier passed out clearly contains prohibited “express advocacy” language such as “Vote NO on Prop 6” and the Caltrans work crew member is caught on video admitting he was ‘working with Caltrans’ and ‘They just told me to hand it out.’”

Here in Chico I haven’t caught state or highway workers pulling such a stunt, but I found Chico staff using the city website “touting” the use of SB 1 funding to do various projects around town. Here’s a “news release” from the city website:

Click to access CouncilAuthorizesEsplanadeRoadRehabProject.pdf

“The adopted resolution earmarks funds utilizing the State allocated Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Gas
Tax funds for this specific project location, as required by the Road Repair and Accountability Act of
2017, also known as SB1. “

And read the description of the project – it’s not about cars, even though car drivers paid for it. After they do a quick scrape and patch they’ll be doing bike lanes and sidewalks – money that should have come out of the developer fees they’ve been deferring for years. The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. 

Two other high visibility projects they’re doing right now are the entrances to new subdivisions on Hwy 32 and Bruce Road/20th Street. Those  jobs should be done with developer fees, but Mark Sorensen told me that none of those nearby developments have paid their road fees.  The city has a policy that says they don’t to pay those fees until they are completely finished with their subdivisions – 20 or 30 years from now.  The city pays for the work by hook or by crook. But take note – the job starts and ends in front of the new subdivisions. That portion of Bruce Road was included on the hazards list – just beyond the new roadwork, it narrows down to nothing, with crumbling shoulders.

Start writing those letters. Go to the Reform California website for more information, and if you’d like to make a donation. They’ve got signs and stickers like the one pictured below.



2 Responses to “Reform California: Caltrans Work Crew Caught Stopping Traffic to Distribute Campaign Fliers Opposed to Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative – City of Chico caught red-handed too!”

  1. Jim December 11, 2018 at 9:33 am #

    Have you seen how the French reacted to a gas tax? They didn’t need to vote on it.

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