Follow the money – AB 109 funds not being spent on programs to keep criminals off our streets, it’s going to the General Fund for salaries and benefits

6 Sep

I’ve been trying to tell people for some time that criminals are being  brought into Butte County and especially Chico through the county Behavioral Health Department. People here are disbelieving and skeptical, until they see the reports. I’ve been trying to find more information. Here’s an article from June, 2018, posted in the Redding Record Searchlight, that explains a little further how and why these  “transfers” happen, through the “safety realignment program” known as AB 109.

In June the Shasta County Grand Jury released a report critical of the misuse of AB109 funds. This is central to our problem in Chico – these funds are not being used to provide extra jail beds or rehabilitative programs for these inmates, they are being “allocated” into the General Fund, which has no restrictions on spending. Therefore, these people are being released due to prison overcrowding and “transferred” to Butte County and whatever other counties will provide “beds” for them. 

“Beds” meaning either a 45 day stint at the Butte County Psychiatric Facility, or any one of various homeless shelters and halfway houses set up with public funding.

Read it for yourself.

Of course the county suits denied everything – “No we’re not!”

This Redding Crime group Facebook popped up when I was searching for more about the Grand Jury report. The most recent post was about transients causing problems at the city library. Sound familiar?

Read the same stuff happening around Chico – a shop owner beaten in the head with a stick, etc. Read here about a city council meeting being shut down by fascists who will have their way or else.




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