Rules were made to be broken, beaten, stomped and thrown out – is this use of city property to campaign for a tax measure?

8 Oct

This is the worst year I ever remember for illegally placed campaign signs. There are rules – even for private front yards. For example, signs are supposed to be a certain distance from the public right-of-way, but most of the signs I see all over town are located at the property line or even in the public right-of-way.

Today I found the worst violation yet – “No on Prop 6” signs posted on two prominent city lots. Signs lined the sidewalk at the city property located at the corner of Mulberry and 20th, and then down Mulberry, at the little bum park there along Little Chico Creek, two more. 

This a city owned property at the corner of Mulberry and 20th Streets.

These are the only “No on 6” signs I’ve seen posted anywhere except the Knife River Construction yard over on Skyway. These are the same signs, yard size.  Anybody seen any of these yards signs actually posted in somebody’s yard?

Attack on bridge and road safety? I feel like the taxpayers are the ones under attack here, and they’re out for blood!

I feel it’s my duty as a citizen to remove illegally posted signs, so my husband and I pulled over and removed the five signs we found. It’s an imposition – they’re heavy mil plastic mounted on heavy wire frames, they’re going to take up a lot of space in my 32 gallon trash cart. But I’ll  be watching for others, and I’ll remove those too.

I won’t accuse the city of posting the signs, but I’ll say they’ve turned a pretty blind eye to what amounts to use of public property to campaign for a tax measure. 



2 Responses to “Rules were made to be broken, beaten, stomped and thrown out – is this use of city property to campaign for a tax measure?”

  1. Rob October 12, 2018 at 5:09 am #

    Hey Juanita, I pulled two more signs out at the same city properties. I’m also frustrated that the city does not enforce signage regulations.

    I suspect Franklin Construction, the city’s paving contractors, and currently the leading donor to the conservatives running for council. They’ve given the maximum contribution of $500 to candidates Kasey Reynolds and Matt Galloway. So you can see why no local GOP are putting YES on 6 signs in their yards.

    But I haven’t seen a contribution from Franklin to Andrew Coolidge, maybe I missed it. I frankly wonder why Galloway and Reynolds are running in a block with Coolidge, with GOP support, he voted yes on the Shelter Crisis Designation.

    • Juanita Sumner October 12, 2018 at 5:58 am #

      Good point Rob, I realize they were also Sorensen’s biggest donor in 2016. That sure makes sense. Franklin Construction and Knife River Construction, whose yard’s are located right next door to each other on the skyway, get all the city’s contract work. So they would directly benefit from any trickle-down funding from sb1, not to mention Sorensen’s proposed road maintenance Bond.

      Meaning, what’s leftover after $taff takes the top cut to pay their salaries and benefits .

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