Non-union public employees can get a rebate of their conscripted fees – let’s get union money out of our elections

10 Jan

Reform California hasn’t thrown in the towel after the disappointing defeat of Prop 6 – in fact, they are now working at putting the gas tax repeal back on a future ballot. Read more here:

Carl Demaio and staff are working on a number of reform issues, including a campaign to inform public employees of their right to reclaim union fees taken out of their paychecks – made illegal by last year’s Supreme Court ruling in the case of Janus vs AFSCME .

From Reform California:

“The Supreme Court — through the Janus Decision — has given every state and local government employee the RIGHT to terminate any dues from being taken from their paychecks and used for political purposes. Unfortunately, many government employees do not know they have a right to keep their money and prevent the union from raiding their paychecks.

“We need YOUR help in informing any state or local government employee that you know that they have rights to keep their money — and they could save an average of $800 per year by signing a simple Union Dues Rebate Form.

“Please think of anyone you know — a teacher, a cop, a social worker, etc. — who needs to get this information. Tell them to sign up at Please take a moment right now to email them and share the website on your social media page.”

Here’s the link to the rebate form:

I believe this decision will have political consequences for many candidates who have taken money from union pacs – the law says the fees taken from non-union members are not supposed to be spent on political campaigns, but I’ve never heard of any union being audited – ask them for their books! 

In Chico the  biggest single contribution in every election comes from Chico PD (CPOA), and the second biggest contributor is the SEIU. Other big local contributors are Knife River Construction and Franklin Construction, who also campaigned heavily against Prop 6. These four contribute to almost every candidate to ensure their interests are taken care of – the cops just got a new contract full of perks and benies, city management just got raises, and KRC and FC get all the road contracts. 

Speaking of bribery, the city clerk has no campaign contributions reports for the CPOA (or the SEIU) on her website, for any past election. In past I’ve had to ask and ask, finding out she allowed the CPOA to go months without filing, without sticking them with the usual fine. 

This is why we need laws, and this is why we the people need to hold our elected and hired officials accountable. So I wrote a note to her office, asking where I could find them. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, tell your public employee friends they can get their money back. 


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  1. bob January 11, 2019 at 7:34 am #

    Property tax surge reveals the truth: Local tax hikes are all about pensions

    Read more here:

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