Hey Mr. Orme, is the seat of your pants getting a little warm?

14 Mar

I got a kick out of the letters section in the Enterprise Record today – sometimes I think I’m the only person who takes offense to the city’s actions. This guy takes on the public toilets and other poor spending choices. 

Letter: Leaders need to spend our tax dollars wisely

Regardless of individual political beliefs, most citizens within a community have much in common.  We work, we pay taxes, and we care for our families and friends. Within this framework, what is the role of government?  To collect taxes and spend funds appropriately, and to make laws and enforce them.  The questions of how various income/wealth levels are taxed, how funds should be spent, what types of laws are created, and the way laws are enforced, are the fundamental topics of many political debates.

That said, elected officials have a fiduciary responsibility to the overall community they represent.  Does this mean that politicians must make decisions that make everyone happy?  No.  It means they have a responsibility to benefit the overall community. In other words, how can they support the quality of life for as many citizens as possible?  When politicians divert focus, funds and energy to pet projects that do not benefit most of the citizens, they are neglecting their obligation to the entire community.

Let’s get specific. How will 24-hour public toilets benefit the overall community? Just look at how it worked out at the Sundial bridge in Redding.  If by miracle the door is unlocked, you’ll be rewarded with a floor covered in human waste and used needles.

If our local leaders can’t spend public funds in a manner that benefits the overall community, they are failing to do their job.  Let’s be sure to vote them out of office.

— Matt Dutton, Chico

This one made me laugh out loud – 

Letter: The streets are pleading for some warm weather

Let’s see, “I gave at the office;” “The check is in the mail;” “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you;” or we can’t paint stripes or lines on your Chico streets becauseLetter: The streets are pleading for some warm weather we use special paint that needs warm weather to bond with the asphalt.  It will be some months before we get that kind of warm weather.  I guess Chico hasn’t had any “warm weather” for six or eight years.

— Dennis Anderson, Chico

And here’s a real ass-kicker – 

Letter: Ridge residents not to blame for increase in crime

Just to let you all know, we are very offended by the comments from the Chico City manager, Mr. Orme, about the Camp Fire survivors who were forced to take up residence in Chico after our town, our homes, our businesses and our lives were destroyed by the Camp Fire.

He implies that the increase in violent crime and traffic accidents are all the blame of the “invasion” of Chico by displaced people from Paradise and Magalia.  None of the stabbings or armed robberies that I have seen reported have been committed by Paradise people.  They all seem to be from Chico.  Traffic has increased, yes, but pay attention and most accidents can be avoided.

Many Paradise and Magalia people have always come to Chico to shop and I certainly haven’t heard any whining about us spending our money here, now even more money than before the fire.  Mr. Orme, have you considered that Chico’s liberal policies toward the homeless caused many new people to move here to take advantage of the relief help that was and is intended for the wildfire survivors and they just decided to stay here?  Why don’t you use some of the increase in sales taxes to help fund a few more police officers?  Or put in some new shelters and bathrooms?

This is not our home.  We want to go home, but we can’t.

Mike Johnson, Paradise

I know a lot of Paradise evacuees, and that’s the main sentiment – they want to go home. Hearing Randall Stone and Mark Orme, among other staff members, on the news, citing all these problems they are supposedly causing, is like a knife in the back. 

Thanks to all these letter writers – I hope Orme is  feeling a warm sensation in the seat of his pants.

4 Responses to “Hey Mr. Orme, is the seat of your pants getting a little warm?”

  1. bob March 14, 2019 at 8:39 am #

    It looks like there are other people not happy about the future tax increases the Chico politicians and bureaucrats (and their high paid consultants) are trying to foist on us. Just take a look at this!


    Taxes and police

    I am furious seeing that the city of Chico is whining for more money yet again to fix our roads and increase police protection. First of all, if the city would have maintained our roads (filling potholes before they become the size of swimming pools), this would not be happening now. Maybe we should go back to having dirt roads! Low maintenance and much easier on our vehicles!

    Secondly, hiring more police is not the answer to increased crime. The police have never deterred any crime from happening. They are there after the fact. Hiring more police is not going to change that. The police tell “law breakers” to “move along.” Wow! Now that’s what I call punishment! Mr. Stone, let’s work with the tax money you are already bleeding from us. Taxing us to death will not get you anywhere.

    Martine Stillwell


    • Juanita Sumner March 14, 2019 at 11:07 am #

      Wow, it’s great, I hope these people will keep speaking out, and inspire others to do same.

  2. Janet Thorup Paradise, CA March 19, 2019 at 4:38 pm #

    I too take offense with the constant implications that the people from Paradise are somehow the cause of the increase in crime in Chico. I would like to see proof the increase has been from Paradise residents. Also, the increased traffic have caused the roads of Chico to be in disarray, they were in disarray before the Camp fire. The people of Paradise have gone through, and are still going through an horrendous ordeal. I understand we have impacted your city but believe me would have rather not. You have a large homeless population which increased because people from all over the state were benefiting from our loss. I understand that Paradise residents have inconvienced Chico, but please don’t add to our nightmare by pointing fingers and casting blame for everything that is negatively happening in Chico.

    • Juanita Sumner March 19, 2019 at 6:13 pm #

      Thanks for saying so Janet. It’s sickening and embarrassing to be represented by these people.

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