Lou Binninger is back on the air!

7 Apr

I got good news from Connie in Yuba City – Lou Binninger is back on the air!

Here’s the original link:


Here’s the tinyurl link, with preview:


The Yuba County radio station over which Lou previously broadcast his show was suffering a lot of problems with their infrastructure, and Lou’s show finally went off the air earlier  this year. I heard from several frustrated fans who had been enjoying his Saturday morning show, and wanted to know what happened. 

Of course he continues to write a weekly column or two with the Territorial Dispatch.


The Dispatch is a good read, with lots of local writers. Even a fishing column! They are also supported by lots of local businesses, you can see from their ads, they are truly a local paper. Too bad we don’t have anything like the Dispatch in Chico!

I hope you’ll give Lou a listen and a read, he keeps us informed of issues that don’t always make the papers. 

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