How long will we put up with $taff insubordination?

2 Jul

Illegal camper at Peregrine Point disc golf course.

This morning my husband and I went up to walk our dogs at the city disc golf course on hwy 32. As we pulled in we noticed a pretty entrenched camper, looked like he’d made himself quite at home! Why not – the city has a portable toilet there, and a trash can emptied regularly by city staff. There are no signs saying camping is illegal – the city is almost inviting transient campers.

When we encountered a city employee one morning, he told us all the trails were closed. When we asked WHY? he got rude fast.  “Get the hell out,” he told us, and proceeded to threaten us as we walked to our truck.

The city closed the trails, claiming the burned trees were dangerous.  Well how come the course is open now, burned trees still standing?

I  wanted to remind Mr. “Get the hell out” that we had reported illegal campers in the parking lot less than a week before the “Stoney Fire” destroyed much of the course. We had informed park manager Linda Herman that we found a still smoking cigarette butt in the post at the trailhead. The camper had been there for weeks, and was using the metal post as an ashtray on his way in and out of the portajohn.

Herman did nothing. The cause of that resulting fire, according to investigators, was an illegal campfire. In fact, first responders essentially rescued a man who was camping ON THE COURSE at the time of the fire.

And now, a year later, here we are again. July, and the non-native oat grass along the Upper Park trails, all open, is as high as my head. Three foot tall star thistle.

“Stupid” is making the same  mistake again and again.  But this I would chalk up to willful insubordination.  That, according to Herman’s contract, is sufficient cause for termination.

Off with her head!

So I sent Herman this picture, we’ll see what her raggedy-ass excuse is this time.



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