Ridiculous Chico PD press release – did they arrest 114 people? or arrest the same perps over and over?

14 Jul
I got this press release from a Badge Bunny I know. Written by the cops, about the cops, for the cops. Wow, they sure like to polish their own apples – and yes, we pay the  guy who writes this crap, including pension and benefits. 
But read it, and ask yourself…
  1. 114 people? Do they mean “people” or “arrests”?  And you see several of those named have already been arrested within the past weeks – “ arrested for the same charges” What? So, arresting somebody doesn’t taking them off the streets or preventing them from committing more crimes.
  2. “from Chico”? Does that even mean anything anymore? These people aren’t “from Chico”, they’re brought in here not only through Behavioral Health Department transfers but through jail transfers.

The cops will continue to blow their own horns, and then watch – as soon as the students come back to town they will tell us they are canning the street crimes unit because they don’t have enough cops to watch the campus and the rest of us. They’ve been using this as an excuse for more money and more positions for 20 years. 

less of a deterrent for citizens to enjoy.”   What the hell does that mean? Every time I go out around town I see stolen shopping carts,  garbage dumped along waterways, people sleeping in piles of rags in public parks, and the other day I watched a group pass a pipe of who knows what at the “Devil’s Triangle”. My neighbors are reporting thefts of things like weed whackers (“I just went inside my house to use the bathroom and it was gone…”) A friend of ours recently reported that while he was at a local home improvement store somebody tried to pry open the tool box in the back of his truck. Now the lid won’t shut properly and he’s worried about his tools getting swamped in Winter. 

Quality of life? 


Chico P.D. Street Crimes “D” Unit Week seven

Chico, CA – The Chico Police Department’s Street Crimes D Unit completed its seventh week of operation. This week the unit seized more than an ounce and a half of Methamphetamine and another illegally possessed firearm during its 13 arrests. In total, the unit has arrested 114 people *, the majority of which were contacted in the East Avenue and Esplanade corridors. Besides these areas, the unit is still focusing on the Chico parks and other areas where the public enjoyment of the city has been affected by quality of life crimes.

Members of the SCU D Unit have been receiving input from citizens that their work in the city has been noticed. Areas where obvious criminal activity and disorderly conduct were visible, have cleaned up and become less of a deterrent for citizens to enjoy. With this in mind, the unit will continue to work hard as there is still much work to do.

The mission of this Street Crimes “D” Unit is to impact the street level crime that affects the quality of life in this community. Robbery, burglary, gun and drug offenses, bike and other theft are all examples of the crime this team is tasked on addressing. The team is also focusing on keeping our public spaces safe.

*Last week’s total arrest number was erroneously reported to have been 98 total arrests. The actual number should have been 101.

Below are several examples of arrests made by the Street Crimes D Unit this week:

Richard Batham (61 years old from Chico) was arrested for challenging officers and resisting arrest. Batham is new to Chico, having recently arrived here from out of state.

Melissa Rawlings (38 years old from Chico) was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine for sales.

Andrew Kelley (31 years old from Oroville) was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine and for bringing a controlled substance into a jail. This is Kelley’s second arrest in two weeks by the SCU D Unit.

Derrick Crist (37 years old from Chico) was arrested for an outstanding warrant and Methamphetamine possession.

Gabriel Hernandez was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. This is Hernandez’s second arrest in three weeks by the SCU D Team. In week five, Hernandez was arrested for the same charges and an outstanding warrant.

Location: City of Chico

Supervisor: T. Tupper S11

Watch Commander: J. Struthers C8

3 Responses to “Ridiculous Chico PD press release – did they arrest 114 people? or arrest the same perps over and over?”

  1. bob July 14, 2019 at 5:46 pm #

    Exactly. It’s catch and release and many are mentally ill transients here because the county ships them in for the mental health stipend from the state. Then when the state stipend runs out the county releases the transients into the community.

    And of course that justifies an ever growing police force and bureaucracy, not to mention all the homeless bureaucracies. It’s a self-perpetuating complex that we get stuck paying for.

    These people are all poverty pimps at our expense. You would think people would be outraged.

  2. bob July 14, 2019 at 5:57 pm #

    And yet another effort by the criminals in Sacramento to make the system even more opaque so that it will be even easier to pass tax increases.

    Another legislative attack on transparency

    • Juanita Sumner July 15, 2019 at 6:21 am #

      Coupal is right – the government demands transparency from the taxpayer, but here they try to tell us, they don’t have enough room on the ballot for transparency? They sure have enough room to print “This page left intentionally blank.”

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