Parks not pensions

18 Dec

Busy little bees. 

Chico Area Recreation District has submitted Measure A, a parcel tax. Measure A will add an initial CORRECTION: $85 a year to your property taxes, increasing each year with inflation. I had to look up the rate of inflation – right now it’s 1.8%, up from 1.7% last year, and expected to go to 1.9% in 2020. 

This is what my dad called “rabbit math.” Not only does the “base” ($85) go up every year, but the percentage by which the base goes up goes up every year. Next thing you know you got a basket of rabbits on your prop tax bill,  eating your money like lettuce.

I was in 4-H as a kid, I had rabbits, so I get it. This is actually worse than rabbit math – momma rabbit can only have so many babies at a time. It’s the number of momma rabbits that makes for the increase – that would be the initial value, going up incrementally. But this tax will not only add momma rabbits every year, it will increase the number of babies momma rabbit is able to have – the percentage of increase goes up every year.

I hear a voice in the back of my head – “evil never sleeps...”

I don’t hate taxes – taxes are how we all share the cost of stuff we need as a community. We need roads. God in Heaven we need sewer. We need cops and fire. And, given the amount of money we pay into the pot, we sure as hell deserve  better parks. 

We don’t need over-priced bureaucrats who give themselves raises and raid road, sewer and park funds to feather their retirement nest. 

Repeat after me – No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice... meaning, “pay your own pensions or forfeit.” There it is. Learn it. Know it. Live it. 


4 Responses to “Parks not pensions”

  1. bob December 18, 2019 at 6:50 pm #

    Look on the bright side. Although we may never be able to retire and will be forced to pay for the ridiculous pensions of our “public servants” for the rest of our lives at least we can get exoskeletons to help us keep working into our very old age so we can keep paying all these wonderful taxes.

    Do you think our selfless and caring local public servants, the city council and administrators Orme and Constantin, could find it in their hearts to NOT apply the local sales tax increase to these exoskeletons? I guess not, that would be asking far too much. After all, our debt of gratitude to these selfless public servants can never be repaid.

    Elderly In Japan Are Wearing Exoskeletons To Continue Working Into Old Age

  2. Juanita Sumner December 19, 2019 at 6:10 am #

    Yeah, while they say that this tax will not apply to food or medicine, they mean, food that hasn’t been prepared and packaged, and prescription medicine. You’ll still pay tax on prepared foods like packaged salads and pre-made sandwiches, as well as everyday household first aid products like pain relievers, allergy medications, bandages, even the epsom salt you use to soak your tired back.

    Perpetual taxation to feather the nests of already rich people is slavery.

    • bob December 21, 2019 at 5:47 am #

      And PG&E has a yet another rate hike coming up and you can bet it won’t be the last.

      Is it any wonder the state wants to fine PG&E billions? The money goes straight to the politicians in Sacramento and we get to pay for it. The state has no interest in going after PG&E management. Their CEO got millions to walk away when she deserved prison time and criminal and civil fines.

      So the cost of living just keeps going up. Who can afford to go see a doctor with the outrageous deductibles and co-insurances of those cr@ppy Covered California plans?

      And if the sales tax increase passes you will just pay more for over the counter medications just to make sure Orme and Constantin can retire in their fifties if they want. And of course retire as multi-millionaires.

      Get back to work so you can pay those taxes because to our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats you are nothing but tax cattle.

      • Juanita Sumner December 21, 2019 at 5:56 am #

        Every few months there’s another rate hike notice in the bills. I’ve lost track. I do keep my bills, and both water and PG&E have gone up drastically over the last 5 years.

        The city of Chico gets hundreds of thousands a year in “franchise fees from utility companies, in addition to the Utility Tax we pay on our bills. Remember the chamber remodel, almost $400,000 – which is roughly a year’s take. I was just reading in my Waste Management bill that they gave about $300,000 of the ratepayers’ money to Habitat for Humanity. This is just another form of taxation.

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