Butte County GOP needs to step up to the plate – let them know how you feel about the city’s districting sham – (530) 876 – 4191

25 Jan

Butte County GOP staffers like to talk smack, but I wonder if they are willing to sue the city of Chico over the highly questionable voting districts? 

I think they need a little shove – you can call them at 530-876-4191 – I’ve tried email and they don’t respond. Let them know you are also outraged by this obvious grab for power, and want them to put their money where their mouth is. I mean, if out-of-towners like Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa expect us to take them seriously, they better get their donors together and make some waves on our behalf.

Come on Doug, if you are truly “One of Us”, get out there and start pounding your mau-mau stick! 

Butte County GOP staff are supposed to have a monthly public meeting at the Oxford Suites motel, but a friend of mine says they don’t always show up. At the last meeting he attended, they announced that Chico Area Recreation District will be at their next meeting (currently scheduled for February 13 at 6pm) to ask GOP to endorse parcel tax Measure A. Last election, GOP staffers endorsed Terry Clelland for CARD board, and he is fully on board with Measure A. We have to make sure GOP staffers know there are Measure A opponents who will be glad to vote their poorly chosen candidates back to the stone age. 

I will call to confirm next week. Their last meeting was a reschedule, my friend having shown up at their regularly scheduled meeting to find a note on the door.  

I’ll keep you posted. 

3 Responses to “Butte County GOP needs to step up to the plate – let them know how you feel about the city’s districting sham – (530) 876 – 4191”

  1. Suzanne Wong January 25, 2020 at 1:24 pm #

    I went to Oxford Suites on Jan 16, intending to go to their meeting…the organizers were No Shows! So I visited with 5 other potential attendees in the lobby and had our own chat for awhile. These ladies had driven over from Oroville… Way to go BCR. Supposedly, the meeting was postponed until the following week but I couldn’t get confirmation about that so tossed the whole thing aside. Much better situation with the Chico Republican Women group!

    • Juanita Sumner January 26, 2020 at 5:41 am #

      Thanks Suzanne, for taking the time to go to these meetings and comment. I have had a hard time getting ahold of Republican Women since Mary Kennedy died – do you have a current contact address? When I’ve inquired about their speakers by way of their website I have not got any response. They do have interesting speakers.

      I hope you will attend the next general GOP meeting, but of course, I’d call first. Nothing like standing around that neighborhood at night outside a locked door!

  2. bob January 26, 2020 at 9:45 am #

    The one thing the local GOP and local Democrats are NOT addressing is the pensions. I bet if you attended all their meetings you’d NEVER even hear that word mentioned.

    BUT the pensions are going to TAKE DOWN EVERYTHING, especially the pensions for the bureaucrats and “safety” people.

    Let’s say you have a small town and you have 10 cops and 5 retire, and as is typical retire in their fifties. (Just look at the recent police chief retirement, every 3 or 4 years Chico has to hire a new police chief.) You have to pay the 5 that retire 90% of their highest year’s salary or possibly more plus health care for life. (And when they die you have to pay the pensions to their spouses for their lives.) BUT at the same time you have to hire 5 more cops. SO YOUR EMPLOYEE COSTS SKYROCKET!

    The government work force is aging and the promises were never realistic. The sell out by the politicians to the government employee unions back in the late ‘90s plus demographics is why we are in this ridiculous situation.

    We’ve reached the point where the cost of government IS OUT OF CONTROL. IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE. AND NO TAX INCREASE IS GOING TO FIX THAT. But that’s all the local politicians BOTH DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN and the bureaucrats have to offer.

    THEY WILL NOT OFFER PENSION REFORM, so that property tax increase on the March ballot and the sales tax increase on the November ballot will NOT BE THE LAST!

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