In the March 13 Enterprise-Record, there was an editorial putting this coronavirus in perspective and I quote, “The flu infects 1 billion people each year worldwide, killing as many as 650,000. In the U.S. so far this season, flu afflicted up to 49 million people, resulting in as many as 52,000 deaths. Imagine the level of hysteria that would ensue if people spoke of the flu in the same manner they speak of the coronavirus.”

I’ve been pondering this editorial ever since, wondering why it became this huge crisis, with people panicking and then the different countries and now the US shutting down and shutting people in? Of course every life is precious but in this case, what about the 52,000 lives lost to the flu just in the US?

Unless the staggering number of losses, due to the flu are a misprint, could someone please explain to me the difference? And one more thing, in an attempt to save thousands of lives, millions will be ruined — no jobs, no paychecks, many becoming homeless, more needing welfare to survive. Businesses being closed not just for now but forever. The enormity of it is mind-boggling.

— Barbara Gore, Durham