Use Engaged Chico to let council know what you think of their sales tax increase

1 Jun

Tomorrow Chico City Council will discuss their tax measure. You can read that agenda item here, Item 5.2:

You can use Engaged to comment now, and those will be displayed to the public, including council members, who supposedly read all of them. The clerk will not read them at the meeting, but will tally “opposed”, etc. You can also comment directly to council members now, but if you contact them through the clerk you can save yourself some time. Ask her to make your email part of the public record. That’s

You can also use the “public comment” email during the meetings. Here’s the notice from the agenda, just in case I forgot anything.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: This meeting is being conducted in accordance with Executive Order N-29-20.
The public may view the meeting on Comcast Channel 11 or, with remote public participation allowed in the following ways:
Public Participation During the Meeting – The Engaged Chico civic engagement program will be available
for citizen input on individual agenda items both prior to and during the meeting and that program can be
accessed through the City’s website at the link listed at:
Public comment will also be accepted by email with the subject line PUBLIC COMMENT ITEM ____, and can
be sent to during the meeting, prior to the close of public comment on an
item. The public is encouraged not to send more than one email per item and not to comment on numerous
items in one email.

Go ahead and have your fun on Engaged! But ask yourself this – why are we putting up with these closed meetings? I’ve been out and about throughout the COVID crisis, cause you know what – MY life is ESSENTIAL. Here’s the report – two weeks ago, town was dead. I live a block from Bidwell Park, midtown, and I’ll tell you what – the lack of activity was disturbing. The streets were empty, we didn’t even see the usual dog walkers passing our house.  Grocery shopping was absolutely WEIRD. Then came Memorial Day weekend, and wham – the conga line of cars headed out of town was unbelievable. As of Tuesday, people are out and about around Chico again, retail centers are busy, groups are milling on the streets, Bidwell Park is busy.  Things are looking almost NORMAL again.  But the meetings are still closed? 



4 Responses to “Use Engaged Chico to let council know what you think of their sales tax increase”

  1. BC June 2, 2020 at 7:20 am #

    The budget for the year is over 600 pages long. The 5 year summary forward looking is on pages 31 and 32. Calpers pension costs are up to 40% of salaries, and are actually 20% of the entire city budget. It appears that employees pay far less than 10% of the total cost of their pensions.

    I cannot find anywhere in the city budget where it shows the UN funded liability to calpers combined for all agencies. If anyone can direct me to that number, and the series of payments that it will take to fund at that number, it would be greatly appreciated

  2. Dave June 2, 2020 at 5:42 pm #

    Well, maybe some people are getting a clue. 45 comments and not one in favor of the sales tax increase. Although, there are several who would approve if the money was dedicated for cops and roads. Those people need some education or they will be conned if the group of frauds on the city council and in city administration change it to a dedicated tax.

    Anyway, the people seem very angry. Just read some of those comments! But don’t sit to close to your monitor or you might feel too much heat. 🙂

    I think the Granicus company is off by one letter in the platform name. Chico Engaged? More like Chico Enraged!

    • Juanita Sumner June 3, 2020 at 5:07 am #

      Yeah, but no mention of the pensions that I could see, and yeah, a lot of them believe a 2/3’s measure is automatically dedicated. They think a 2/3’s measure is some Magical Animal!

      We got a lot of ejookating to do around here Dave Old Buddy!

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