Mask guidelines – know your rights

17 Aug

Where and when are masks required?

— Inside or in line to enter indoor public spaces.

— In hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics or other healthcare offices.

— While waiting for and riding public transportation, taxis or ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Drivers should also wear masks.

— In work places that require interacting with the public, where food is prepared, packaged or delivered, or when sharing common spaces such as elevators and hallways.

— In office settings where people cannot physically distance.

— While outside if it’s not possible to stay six feet away from others.

Who is exempt?

— Children age 2 and younger.

— People with medical, mental health or developmental issues that prevent it.

— People who are deaf or have hearing loss and those who communicate with them if seeing someone’s mouth is essential.

— Workers who would violate workplace safety rules by wearing one.

— People eating and drinking at restaurants.

— People swimming, walking, hiking, biking, running or doing other outdoor activity where they can stay 6 feet from others.

— People in jails and prisons, which have their own guidance on face coverings.

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