City continues to hold crucial meetings under cover of ConVID: Policing Review Ad-hoc Committee scheduled for Sept. 10, 1pm – get your WebEx ready!

5 Sep

 This whole COVID thing has been so ridiculously inconsistent, I can’t believe anybody with half a brain would take the government seriously. 

While we’re ordered to wear masks and avoid social contact, the college brings in thousands of kids from all over the country and puts them in dirty, old, crowded dorms? But, doesn’t quarantine, allowing them to go to parties and other locations all over town. You see them at Safeway Mangrove in little pods of 5 or 6, pulling their masks down to talk to each other, no social distancing, etc.  You see them walking around town in groups, no masks, no social distancing. And then the college staff and local authorities act surprised when they find an outbreak? And now they just send the kids home? 


Every day more cases, gee I’m trembling. You know why there’s more cases? Cause there’s more testing. I believe they need to include the number of tests submitted with each announcement of new cases. People are testing NEGATIVE, but you  don’t hear about that. My son was just forced to have a COVID test (negative) before he could be seen for food poisoning. A friend was forced to have a COVID test (negative) before Enloe would admit him in a case of heat exhaustion. 

And they’re being really secretive about the identities of the dead – since when is a death not public information? Whenever they do release information, as Butte County PIO Lisa Almaguer reports, these people are in assisted living facilities. 

This epidemic has confirmed what I already knew – hospitals and rest homes are filthy and full of neglect, of course you are going to catch something. I wouldn’t leave my elderly relative alone after the experience I had with my grandmother at Enloe Hospital. You want to stay alive? Don’t go to the hospital. And if you find yourself there, get the hell out asap. And if you really love Grandma, take care of her yourself, the county has nurses.

Tom Seaver died the other day – a great name from my childhood, he was Mr. Baseball. When they broke the story on the tv news the other day, the reporter said he died of complications from COVID. I looked online today, and I see conflicting headlines.

This story, from Sept 2, says he died “after battling dementia”, with no mention of COVID

This story, dated the same day, says he died of COVID in the headline and the first paragraph, but offers no other details about any testing, or how/when they found out Seaver was positive. There is a detailed description of the type of dementia Seaver suffered, “Caused by abnormal protein deposits that build up over time and disrupt normal brain function, the disease is particularly challenging to diagnose because its laundry list of symptoms…”  But no details about his supposed COVID infection?

COVID is testable, you can prove it, but they offer no proof of the allegation that a 75 year old man with a serious underlying health condition “died of COVID“. This is our media – a propaganda machine. 

Furthermore, it just seems completely suspicious that we have a huge election coming up in a couple of months and all the Democratic challenger has in his game bag are accusations about Trump’s handling of the “COVID crisis.” 

But the city of Chico continues to use COVID as an excuse to hold closed meetings. Right now probably the biggest issue on people’s minds (the biggest REAL issue) is Chico PD and how they are handling the mentally ill. There have been so many complaints about excessive force and the lack of de-escalation training that council recently instituted the Policing Review Ad-hoc Committee. I just received a notice about their upcoming Sept. 10 meeting. (They don’t send a link, but you can find the full agenda at the city website)

This committee, created during the COVID shut-down,  is Mayor Ann Schwab, Vice Mayor Alex Brown, Council member Kasey Reynolds, Margaret Swick (Concerned Citizens for Justice), Cory Hunt (Justice for Desmond Phillips), Rob Berry (Chico First), Police Chief Matt Madden,
Sgt. Omar Peña,  Officer Jim Parrott (President Chico Police Officers’ Association, he also ran the pac for CARD measure A).

And here’s how they expect the public to participate:

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: This meeting is being conducted in accordance with Executive Order N-29-20. Members of the public
may virtually attend the meeting using the City’s WebEx platform or by sending an email to the following email address.
To provide email comments, please submit an email with the subject line “PUBLIC COMMENT ITEM”, sent to during the meeting, prior to the close of public comment on an item. The public is
encouraged not to send more than one email per item and not to comment on numerous items in one email.

WebEx public participants may use the following information to remotely view and participate in the Policing Review Ad Hoc
Committee meeting online:

Event Name: Policing Ad Hoc Committee Meeting 09-10-20 1:00 PM
Date/Time: Thursday, September 10, 2020 1:00 pm
Event URL:
Event #: 146 809 6713
Password: Policing9/10
Call-in #: 1-214-459-3653 Call-in Password: 146 809 6713

When I attempted to use WebEx to “attend” a  finance committee meeting I had technical problems that necessitated a call to the clerk and a conversation with a super idiotic IT employee, who kept telling me I’d wasn’t on the right website. Once we established the fact that I was, indeed, on the right website, he had to give me a clearance code to access the meeting (see the “Call-in Password” and have that ready). By the time I was finished with the idiot, the first item had already been discussed and voted on. Thank you, IT idiot.

Rob Berry complained about similar issues with his first use of WebEx – I’ll give you his advice – log in at least a half hour early (I was only 15 minutes early) and stay in touch with the clerk staff at or 

And I’ll complain here – even after the clerk announced to the committee that I was having real difficulties accessing the meeting, chair Randall Stone went ahead with the meeting anyway. 

So, I will try to watch this meeting – 1 pm on a week day, right in the middle of the average person’s work day. Oh well, that’s what it takes  to be vigilant folks, you have to tell your boss you need an hour and a half off to participate in a city meeting!  I’ll be sure to ask the clerk if this meeting will be taped – they don’t record all the meetings, you have to ask. 

All this talk of “transparency” and “sunshine” – if nobody’s watching, what the hell does it matter? 


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