HJTA and KABC launch “The Howard Jarvis Podcast” – “A Primer to Costly Propositions”

24 Sep

A reader sent me a news release from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and KABC AM790 have teamed up to
produce a weekly podcast featuring great conversation and insights on
issues that are important to California taxpayers.

“The Howard Jarvis Podcast” features HJTA President Jon Coupal and Vice
President of Communications Susan Shelley. Recent episodes have focused
on voter rolls and election integrity, and last-minute efforts by the
state legislature to raid the wallets of California residents. The
latest episode features “A Primer to Costly Propositions.”

CLICK HERE to listen now.


The weekly shows can be played or downloaded on HJTA’s website,   www.hjta.org


and on KABC’s website at    https://www.kabc.com/the-howard-jarvis-podcast/


“The Howard Jarvis Podcast” can also be found on Spotify and wherever podcasts are available.

Yes, this is a conservative organization, and the host is pretty direct in her comments – think you can handle another point of view? Sometimes it’s good to listen to somebody else, and see how their thoughts affect the way you think. Too often people are afraid that if they listen to someone with a  different take on a situation, they might be too weak in their own convictions to resist.

If you want to see more details, here’s a fairly objective site – Ballotpedia


Ballotpedia lists important stuff like the ballot measure text and arguments for and against, who supports/opposes a proposition, did it originate from a voter petition or legislative tinkering, and who’s putting how much money into it. 

When you do your own research, and you open your mind to others’ opinions, it oftentimes reinforces your views. Give it a whack.


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