Voting is FUN-damental! Here are some thoughts on our local, state and national ballot

12 Oct

With the election just weeks away, I’ve already received, filled out, and mailed in my ballot. I believe mail in voting is at least as reliable as going to the polls on election day after the weird experiences I’ve had and heard about at polling stations.

But it looks like a lot of people are still scratching their heads – every day, I see searches here for “recommendations.” After my attempt at endorsing council candidates, I’m not telling anybody how to vote, but sure, I’ll tell you how I voted, and why.

My district council member is not up in this election, but I think Stone, Schwab and Morgan are the best bets in their districts. Stone has stood up twice to push back on bad tax measures intended to pay down our staggering CalPERS liability. While Schwab and Morgan want the bond measure, I don’t believe their challengers would not want same. Especially Kami Denlay, whose husband is a cop in another county. And I believe Stone’s challenger, Andrew Coolidge would also support the bond measure. So, I hope those three prevail in their districts. I don’t have any opinion in Dist 7, except good luck to all of you!

I tried to make an intelligent vote in the school board race. I think the incumbents need to be turned out, having approved too many raises for the teachers union. I voted for Matt Tennis – primarily because he is not a school district employee, and he has some political background, so, hopefully he won’t be a dupe for the unions. I voted for Michael Johnson, also because he is not a school district employee. The main difference between the two is that Tennis wants the schools open but Johnson has leaned toward remote learning.

For the CARD board, I feel Lando needs to go, so went with Worley, an incumbent, and John Merz, who at least attended those “informational” meetings that Ann Willmann ran to promote Measure A (parcel tax). Merz has had his dick in the local political scene for as long as I remember, and I wouldn’t trust him not to vote for another attempt at some sort of tax. Worley either. So, I’d say, we need to keep an eye on this board over the next few months. I can’t believe they’ve given up on a revenue measure. Judging from what I just found out about the city’s UAL (they weren’t telling us about the interest…) I bet CARD’s UAL is a lot bigger than it was last time I checked.

As for the state propositions, Prop 15 is sufficient reason to vote. A blatant snatch at Prop 13, this measure attempts to raises taxes on commercial properties, including apartment complexes – even family farms. This would raise the price of everything, starting with food and rent. And, I believe the proponents of this measure ultimately want Prop 13 completely gone, so the state can go about reassessing private homes.

If you don’t get it, you need to watch “Happy Gilmore”. Yes, they would put Grandma out of her house. And Newsom would tell her she’s better off in assisted living!

I voted a big NO on most of the propositions, with two exceptions – I voted YES on Prop 20, which undoes some of the damage of AB109, and Prop 22, which exempts “app-based drivers” from union membership. I hope Prop 20 passes, and that it will have some trickle down effect on our local courts and police policy. And, I think Prop 22 would beat back a strong-arm union tactic to bolster their membership and bring in more dues for their political machine.

The other important issue for me was the Presidency. A question you have to ask yourself is, have I/my family/my friends prospered under this incumbent? For me that’s a resounding YES. Obama was horrible for my family. The thing I remember most clearly is that the price of insurance and health care went through the roof. The cost of everything went up, up, up. Obama declared war not only on Republican politicians, he declared his hatred for the people who voted them in.

Biden also seems to hate America. And he says he will put even more restrictions on our behavior if he is elected. The Democrats are determined to use COVID to kill President Trump. That blew up in their faces – he looks healthy as a bull. I think it’s great that Trump got COVID, showing us what’s really going on here – this shut down is all about taking Trump out. Well, that didn’t work. What the Democrats have instead accomplished is massive unemployment and businesses going under in cities across the country.

I thought Donald Trump was a jackass as a private citizen, but I like the job he’s done as president, and I voted to give him four more years.

I also voted for LaMalfa and Gallagher, simply because of the work they did to make sure Paradise got money to rebuild. Governor Gavin Newsom cried crocodile tears, and then tried to deny state money to help Paradise Irrigation District restore their system.

I’m glad I voted. I do worry about fraud – I think “ballot harvesting” is a real phenomenon. I believe there is an active push to register non-citizens. I believe the Democrats have operatives at places like the college – watch the news, and ask yourself – what is Democratic operative Michael Worley doing at the college on Election Day? Ballot harvesting. It’s illegal to campaign at the polls, but it can be very subtle, and there’s nobody to stop it.

Something to remember when you look at your ballot and think of turning away in disgust is that lower voter turnout lowers the threshold for getting measures on the ballot – the number of signatures required is based on how many voted in the last election.


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