Mailed/delivered your ballot yet? You can check the status of your ballot at this link

17 Oct

Sorry to be a flake – have not had time to write that quiz, but yeah, it’s coming.

What I do have for you today is a link to check the status of your ballot – has it been received? Rejected or accepted?

Be patient, I had to try it twice, because I have crappy internet. Follow the prompts, there’s a couple of pages to fill out. You’ll need your CDL and SSN, they ask for the last four digits of each. First they will confirm your status as a voter, then they will check for your ballot. When I checked for mine, they said it had been “accepted.”

My husband and I have voted by mail for about 20 years. The county clerk has always had some sort of mechanism by which to check ballot status, each ballot is recorded “received” electronically as her staff processes it. One year, when the online mechanism didn’t work, I contacted her staff and they checked it for me manually.

We mailed our ballots in within days of receiving them. We had already studied the voter pamphlet and done research at, we were ready to fill them out and get them back in.

I really don’t understand this push to allow people a longer period to register and vote. I think it’s desperation on the part of the Democratic party. I expect legitimate charges of fraud in this election, all the way around.

So whatever your preference for delivery, give it a week and check your ballot status. We have to be our own watchdogs folks, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on right now.

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