An endorsement I’m sure of – Donald Trump for President

23 Oct


Thanks Jenna for this pic from a recent Trump rally in Nevada.  He looks very presidential, and that’s one reason I support him – he’s a leader, a motivator, not a tyrant or a taskmaster. 

I voted for Trump because I like the job he’s  done.  I like his immigration policies, his judicial appointments, and the trade tariffs. I think he’s handled COVID well enough, and if he’s elected the country will open faster and the hysteria will give in to better public health policies. The bottom line for me is, my family has just done better in the last four years under Trump/Pence than we did under Obama/Biden.  

Biden and Harris are horrible. Now Biden admits Obamacare is flawed? He wants to fix it? Bidencare? Change police policy? Investigate the Kremlin?  Like Trump pointed out very well last night, Biden had 8 years to correct the flaws in Obamacare, he had 8 years to bring about change in police policies, he had 8 years to investigate outside influence in our elections, but did nothing.

Obamacare is a disgrace, having made the insurance companies rich while failing to provide better, or even affordable, health care. COVID has shown us the flaws in the so-called “Affordable Care Act”.  Our health care system was in poor shape before Trump came along.

As for police policy, Obama actually signed an order allowing police to shoot a subject without prosecution if they said they feared for their lives. This has been called “the policeman’s bill of rights”. Obama and Biden also support the “no knock warrant”, while Trump has said it should not be allowed. 

The conversation and fear-mongering regarding outside influence in elections didn’t start until Trump had already won the 2016 election. 

So the Democrats, led by Biden, threw investigations and impeachment at the president, then COVID, then the California wildfires – what else will the Biden campaign blame on Trump? How much will we suffer in the meantime? 

Harris, as Attorney General of California, failed to prosecute Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey when he had obviously been taking bribes from energy providers and utility districts. She was slow to investigate, finally citing Statute of Limitations. So, people all over California, including low income households, are overpaying for their power and water because of corruption of oversight.  As AG and then as Senator, she failed to investigate cases of obvious corruption at the California Public Employees Retirement System, despite three scandals involving bribes or insider trading in the last 5 years. 

As San Francisco city attorney, she allowed the lawlessness of illegal immigration and transients camping in public areas, pushing for “sanctuary city”. Her policies helped turn the entire state into a sanctuary for the lawless individuals who predate on the rest of us. 

Another big difference I would note between the two campaigns is that Biden and Harris are determined to use divisiveness while Trump, who calls himself a cheerleader for America, tries to bring Americans together. I shudder at the thought of a Biden/Harris victory – I can’t believe they wouldn’t “punish” those cities, counties and states that support Trump. 

I think Biden’s overall health and mental condition are also important considerations – the thought of a Harris and Pelosi essentially taking over our country puts chills up my spine. 

Trump has been a good president the last four years and I’d like to stick with him and see what he can achieve in the next four. 




4 Responses to “An endorsement I’m sure of – Donald Trump for President”

  1. Jim October 24, 2020 at 9:08 am #

    When Reagan ran for president back in 1980, he proclaimed outrage that the National Debt was close to a Trillion Dollars. That is all previous presidents from Washington to Carter had accumulated 900 billion in debt.

    This year, under Trump the federal government added over Three Trillion Dollars to the National Debt. Just this one year. This is partly due to Trump’s tax cuts. The current total is now over 27 Trillion Dollars. However when we add in unfunded liabilities such as pensions the total is over 131 Trillion.

    Another four years of Trump and the US will be bankrupt like some impoverished Latin American country.

    You are very concerned about fiscal responsibility in Chico, why don’t you have the same concern for our Federal Government?

    • Juanita Sumner October 25, 2020 at 5:51 am #

      My blog is called Chico Taxpayers, not US Taxpayers, so yes, I concentrate on local issues. Frankly, I don’t have the money to fly to DC.

      I like Trump’s tax cuts. Now I hope he cuts – guts – agencies like FEMA, who spend billions doing NOTHING. FEMA’s presence here after the Camp Fire was nothing but insulting. How much do you think the woman from FEMA made in salary to come here and stay in a posh hotel at the expense of the taxpayers, and do absolutely nothing for the fire victims? There are a lot of agencies I’d slash to the bone – NASA would not exist. Gee, love to hear about all that money they’re spending in space! Let’s send FEMA to the mooooon!

      So, I do care about the federal deficit. But I’m sorry, I can only act locally.

      Well, now that we’ve talked about Trump, let’s hear about Biden. One reason I am endorsing Trump is I’m sick of liberal policies that result in MORE SPENDING on stupid programs like Obamacare, “alternative energy” bailouts and welfare for illegal aliens. How is Biden going to lower the national deficit? Is he going to address the pension deficit? Or RAISE TAXES? That’s a trick question – he’s already promised to raise taxes. He’s also promised to be a total dick to states that vote for Trump.

      • Jim October 25, 2020 at 7:34 am #

        The answer is simple, Obama/Biden spent less. The federal budget has grown 800 Billion Dollars under Trump. Instead of cuts, Trump spent more.

  2. Juanita Sumner October 25, 2020 at 3:15 pm #

    But earlier you said trump made tax cuts. I think that’s true. Here’s what else is true, I’ve heard Biden say it with my own ears, hes going to raise our taxes. Hes going to make a national mask mandate and further shut down our economy. By the time a Biden presidency got through 4 years we’d all be Screwed

    Admit it Jim, you’re just mad cause I’ve canceled your vote. 😆

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