Dear Chico Unified Teachers: you can’t have your cake and eat it too

30 Oct

Well, you know how I just LOVE to say “I TOLD YOU SO.” and here it is:

“Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) closed all public schools in the Chico Unified School District (CUSD) to in-person instruction and transitioned to at-home online learning, 581 students have left the district. “

And who could blame them – I’ve tried to use Zoom to attend meetings, it sucks. For one thing, if you don’t have perfect internet and top-of-the-line computer crap you are left out. And, I’m sorry – since when is it okay for kids to stare at a screen for more than 30 minutes?

“The decrease could affect future CUSD budgets since each student accounts for approximately $10,000 in state and federal funding each year. Given the current declines that would mean nearly a $6 million shortfall.”

All for teachers who want to get paid for sitting at home. I think they just caught the seats of their pants with their own pitchfork.

And you realize what they’re saying – the fewer kids they have, the more money they need? What? How come when enrollment goes down, they still need the money from those kids that left? Because they, like the city of Chico and many other public agencies, have given over-generous salaries and benefits, and have a huge pension deficit. Get ready for a bond measure to pop up on your 2022 ballot.

My congratulations and best wishes to you brave individuals who have opted to Home School. Don’t be discouraged – I Home Schooled both my kids, and we’ve never regretted it. Contact me here and let me know how you’re doing.



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