Get out and vote – here are some thoughts on my ballot choices

3 Nov

Well, there were so many searches yesterday for election information, I want to talk about the issues that are important to me in this election.

President/VP – Trump/Pence

Congress District 1 – LaMalfa

State Ballot Measures – NO on all except for Props 20 and 22.

Prop 15 – NO – This raises the taxable value of every commercial property, including apartment buildings and farms. More money for schools? You mean, more money for salaries and benefits, not more money for the kids.

Prop 20 – YES – allows judges discretion to decide whether to make felony charges for some offenses decriminalized by AB 109.

Prop 22 – YES – The unions are trying to force part-time workers – like UBER and Insta-Cart drivers – to join the union. Meaning no more part-time, higher rates for customers, and I believe – less people performing these important services that have helped our economy, the environment, and public safety.

In Chico, I can’t vote for my district representative but I’m urging people to vote for Morgan in Dist 1, Schwab Dist 3, and Stone in Dist 5. I don’t have any recommendation for Dist 7, good luck to you folks on that race.

Morgan Dist 1 – I’m not happy that Morgan is pushing forward the Pension Obligation Bond – a tax without voter approval – but, I think Morgan could be pressured to drop this idea. That’s

Schwab Dist 3 – Same with Ann, I’m not happy that she is supporting the POB, but I find her to be malleable under pressure, so let’s start pressuring her about that too –

Stone Dist 5 – I feel good about this endorsement because Stone not only rejected the POB as a member of the Finance Committee, but he rejected the sales tax measure that Mark Orme wanted on this November ballot. He gave good reasons, whether or not you think he’s sincere, you might want to thank him –

For Dist 7 I can’t really get behind either of these people. For one thing, they have no real record politically. Ober has served on committees without much distinction. Tandon has never served, I’ve never seen her at the morning meetings, and I’ve never heard anything she has to say aside from promises to clean up the park. I don’t like either of them particularly, but I think Tandon has got a bigger machine behind her, I don’t trust people who take and spend so much special interest money. She’s a Trojan Horse.

Measure E is the most important measure on the local ballot. This is not unlike Measure J, written to legalize the illegal taking of a tax off our cell phone bills. A southern California lawyer decides that every city in California needs to be gerrymandered to give lesser known and lesser supported candidates an edge in city elections. Whereas we all voted for every seat on council, now we are faced with one district representative? How is that good for anybody?

I think it’s telling that this council, when faced with a similar situation – a lawsuit over the illegal collection of a tax on our cell phones – council chose to continue to break the law right up until the voters rejected their measure. The big difference – the cell phone tax issue had already been decided by the state courts. But, sitting council – led by Ann Schwab – chose to continue to collect that tax illegally while asking the voters to make it legal!

Look at the map – see how the line between Districts 3 and 6 jogs over suddenly to take in the Dist 6 rep’s home. These were admittedly drawn around the sitting council members, that’s gerrymandering. And one sitting council member has already told me the districts will be redrawn after the election. Why didn’t they wait to get voter approval BEFORE they drew the districts?

Think Folks, don’t be bullied with the epithet of “RACIST!” A NO vote means the districts are NOT LEGAL and we have to at least go back to the drawing board. Don’t let the Gerrymanderers fool you, this is not a done deal, VOTE NO ON MEASURE E.

Those are the issues I feel are most important in this election. I’m sorry if you don’t agree. I am posting this because I’ve had an incredible number of searches for information in this election, and I’m glad to share my point of view.


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