One man’s story tells the story of Chico

16 Jan

I recently noticed a story in the ER that essentially details what has happened to our town.

This man was sentenced recently for vandalism and “hate crimes” for painting a swastika.  Just now? After running the streets of Chico for 15 years, arrested multiple times for crimes that escalated in violence. Here’s the first case in his Butte County Superior Court File, from 2006 – possession of a deadly weapon.

He was fined and sentenced for charges including failure to appear, but only after this case made it’s way through the court for TWO YEARS. In the meantime, he was charged three more times in 2007, and three times in 2008, for possession of drugs, failure to appear, vandalism, and “willful disobedience of court order...”

Willful disobedience to the court means to me this person is not willing to live within the law, and that should mean he needs to be institutionalized. Instead, the judge released him to go on to a felony weapon possession in 2009, for which he was acquitted? But two more arrests in 2010 result in a felony conviction for “negligent discharge of a firearm...”

Of course he was right back out on the streets in 2012, this time arrested for “elder or dependent adult abuse…

His sheet goes on like this until 2019, when he FINALLY comes up for psychiatric evaluation – after the vandalism bender that included the swastika. The court determined he was competent to stand trial, and gave him 6 years for a “hate crime“.

15 years with a record like that, but they finally send him up for 6 years over “hate crimes”. Toward whom? His residence in Chico seems to me one long, extended orgy of hatred toward humankind.

Why does “hate” have to be directed at a certain kind of people before it is a crime? Twice this guy was arrested for “elder or dependent adult abuse“, but no conviction? I’m going to guess the victim had no family, felt intimidated, and dropped the charges. I can see the first time being a wash, but what was Ramsey thinking when this guy was brought in a second time for a charge like that? But he gets six years for scrawling a symbol he doesn’t even understand on a wall. There’s ugly, nasty, threatening vandalism all over town. In one night someone busted out car windows at the Enloe parking lot while the owners worked diligently inside to save people’s lives. That is hateful – why aren’t we seeing more arrests and convictions? 

Oh, but gee golly, they are finally clearing the camps at One Mile, I guess we’re supposed to give them a basket of kudos for that! 

Here’s one of my favorite lines,  from Yeats, by way of Didion, by way of Me – “What rough beast, it’s hour come round at last, slouches toward Chico to be born?” 

2 Responses to “One man’s story tells the story of Chico”

  1. bob January 16, 2021 at 7:22 am #

    I know someone nearly killed by a grossly negligent driver. Not only is he crippled for life but the medical expenses and in home care also bankrupted him. The driver got three months in jail and probation. Of course, he doesn’t have a penny to his name so suing him will do no good. Meanwhile the idiot you mention gets 6 years for his art work after getting off time and time again for real crimes. Why do they call it a justice system? It is an injustice system. Like everything else the government does, it is FUBAR.

    • Juanita Sumner January 17, 2021 at 5:46 am #

      When I was homeschooling our kids I took them to a Butte County Superior court session – open to the public. It was literally insane. The judge was deaf and, my guess, totally senile. He had to be led in and helped into his chair. His eyes were so glazed over I can’t believe he could read anything. He was late, and then he was unprepared, and so, after throwing a little temper tantrum at his staff, he smashed his gavel on his desk and declared the trial would be postponed. I remember the defendant – all dressed up, on a work day, to come to court over some bullshit charges – he just sat in his chair in disbelief as the judge was helped out of the chamber and the bailiff began to clear the room. He still had to pay his lawyer for the appearance. That’s how those bills get racked up. And you can’t do anything – just complain and see how they can really screw you good. I could only hope my kids learned one valuable lesson – don’t ever get in trouble with the law, not the slightest bit.

      I’d say most of our judges – and I knew one personally – are senile and incompetent. We need to get them in there when they are still under 50, I think most of them are over 60 when they get the job.

      So yeah, I’ll agree with you – it’s an IN-justice system.

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