Mayor Coolidge criminalized those protestors by closing the meeting. He wants the meetings closed so he can raise your taxes without having to hear what you think about it

24 Apr

What a wild week! Three desperados wanted for refusal to leave public property.

Officials said speakers were given instructions to wait in the speaker line and that only one speaker was allowed into the chamber at one time. Masks were also required for anyone actually entering the Chamber.

Frankly, I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Okay, I’ll wear a mask, I’ll socially distance. But restaurants are open, sporting events are open, children are attending school, and excuse me – grocery stores have remained open the entire time. Why aren’t city chambers open to the public? We are expected to stand outside chambers, in whatever weather, with “protestors” forcing their way into our body space, screaming over the audio from the meeting? Well, here’s what real Americans would do about that.

According to police, as the meeting started on Tuesday evening, a group of people pushed through the front doors and 15 people entered the council chambers. This forced Mayor Andrew Coolidge to put the meeting into recess.

I can’t believe what happened next.

Law enforcement spoke to the group of people and explained they needed to fill out speaker cards if they wanted to speak to the city council. They also explained California Penal Code Section 403 to the group: “Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character…is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Obviously, these folks did not break up the meeting, Mayor Andrew Coolidge broke up the meeting. He could have respected these people’s right not to mask, and attend a public meeting in a public chamber, but he didn’t. He called the cops on them.

After explaining the law to the group, police said most returned to the outside. However, three maskless people refused law enforcement’s orders to leave and the meeting was subsequently adjourned. CPD said officers used discretion and didn’t arrest the three people that night.

But, “On Thursday, CPD announced they are currently seeking the identity of the three people to hold them criminally accountable for their actions.”

I feel Coolidge set these three women up – he’s the one who closed the meeting. All those citizens wanted was their right to assemble to seek redress of their grievances before their elected officials. None of them advanced beyond the seating area. You’ll notice, the police aren’t seeking them for their refusal to mask, or their refusal to leave – neither of those are criminal offenses. Coolidge handed the cops a criminal offense by closing the meeting.

Coolidge wanted the meeting closed because he knows a lot of people just won’t attend. I, personally, don’t feel the atmosphere is physically safe, I won’t stand around in the dark in a mob of strangers who could turn ugly at the drop of a hat. I feel Chico City Council and Staff have used COVID to create and perpetuate a hostile atmosphere for the citizens who want to participate in government because they don’t want to discuss the details of the Penson Obligation Bond, controversial new hires, or the recent changes made to management contracts, with the public in the room.

Council and Staff are feeling the push-back – people see what they are doing with the Pension Obligation Bonds, and they see that employee costs are not being managed properly. A reader commented recently:

“We all know Chico is grossly mismanaged no matter which party has been in charge.” I agree, every council has let Staff lead them instead of the other way around. Of course Staff is out for their own gain, with no concern for the taxpayers at large. As for POB’s, “… playing the stock market with public money and without our consent is wrong. These elected and non-elected officials can gamble their own cash to fund their pensions, let’s see how that works for them.” Good point – why don’t they use their own money? Too risky?

This reader reported that she had made similar comments on Chico Engaged for next week’s meeting. I know Dave has chimed in too. I hope more people will. We might still stop this train wreck, especially since I got this comment from Council member Kami Denlay-Klingbeil:

I have to agree, they are not fiscally responsible. Let alone the concerns that it is a violation of tax payer rights when you look into the state constitution and the super majority requirement from a ballot by the voters anytime the government seeks to assume a new debt.

Wow, KDK has an awesome point there, and I hope to hear more from her on Tuesday night when this subject comes up at ANOTHER CLOSED MEETING.

Why would a panel of idiots who would violate the First Amendment care about assuming a new debt without the voters’ consent?


3 Responses to “Mayor Coolidge criminalized those protestors by closing the meeting. He wants the meetings closed so he can raise your taxes without having to hear what you think about it”

  1. Dave April 24, 2021 at 4:38 pm #

    I wonder how many thousands of dollars the cops and DA will spend apprehending and prosecuting those three.

    Meanwhile, have your property stolen and see how much effort the cops spend trying to catch the thieves and get your property back. I will tell you: ZERO.

    Just another example of how the police are not there to protect you, they are there to protect the government…and keep minimal order so the tax serfs have no excuses not to pay those taxes!

  2. Dave April 24, 2021 at 4:42 pm #

    And they hired a new bureaucrat for what, $160,000 per year plus benefits? This new bureaucrat is to replace Constantin. He’s been gone for months. Is the City and worse off that his position was vacant? I’d bet no one even noticed.

    • Juanita Sumner April 25, 2021 at 6:29 am #

      I agree – why do we need two city managers AND an “Administrative Services Director”? Isn’t that just another way of saying “manager”? Orme has created new management positions, as well as hiring a new police chief at a greater salary than the old police chief, without asking for more rational employee contributions out of these people. While other jurisdictions are cutting management overhead, Orme. has increased employee costs.

      And yes, he hired a police chief who will do what he is told. For the amount of money he is paid, he would probably eat lint out of Orme’s butt crack.

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