And now it gets ridiculous

6 Nov

If “Chico Voters” were really concerned with fiscal responsibility, they would join us in beating the onerous and regressive sales tax increase proposed by the full council. The group states, they have concerns about every council member. Really? Alex Brown voted for the tax increase, but I don’t think they will be confronting her in her office at Chico State. The early statements the recall proponents made about the skating rink being bad for the environment came right out of Brown’s mouth.

Brown is up for reelection in a year. Think she’s scared? I think this is her desperate attempt at a bid for reelection.

We’ll have to see how this circus plays out. As much disgust as I feel toward Morgan and Coolidge, I would not support either recall – it’s just money down the drain. And it’s duplicitous, no matter what Chico Voters says, it’s a power grab.

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