Reynolds and Brown, and I think, O’Brien, are up in 2022, let them know what you think of the tax measure they endorsed for the 2022 ballot

25 Nov

Well, as I was trying to decide whether or not to renew this blog, it automatically renewed itself. So here we are for another year, fellow taxpayers!

What’s on the menu? Well, all I got in my sights is the sales tax increase measure that the city of Chico has announced for the 2022 ballot. Mayor Andrew Coolidge says the revenues from this sales tax increase would be used to secure a bond. He’s talked about “road bonds” but has not come forward with the details.

Talk is cheap, you have to watch what these people actually do. Earlier this year, council, led by Staff, tried to get an illegal Pension Obligation Bond approved by the courts. They had to be threatened with a lawsuit from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, even after then-council member Kami Denlay correctly stated that instituting a tax without voter approval is against the law.

It seems clear to me that Chico City Staffers are desperate to get money to pay down their pension deficit. That’s why they finally persuaded council members to put forward a general tax measure, with no restrictions on spending, and only 51% voter approval to pass it.

And what the badge bunnies don’t understand is that the revenues will go to public safety alright – cops and fire are responsible for over half the pension deficit. That’s what you get when you allow somebody making over $100,000/year to pitch in $15,000/year for a $90,000/year pension. Plus benies, with Cost Of Living Increase. If you can’t see how unsustainable that is, you need to go back to Mr. Shipplehoute’s math class.

And, just as I predicted over a year ago, Mark Orme brought in a consultant to put up a skating rink, as suggested by an earlier consultant. $400,000+ in taxpayer money, needed so badly to fix streets and tweak infrastructure. Orme cries poormouth when it comes to the streets and services, but he’s willing to bring in a $100,000 consultant to spend $300,000 putting up an ice rink. Here’s why – the earlier consultant said his firm had used a skating rink to pitch a sales tax measure in the Tahoe area, and it worked.

So here we are, we got our work cut out for us between now and the next election. Do you want to pay more taxes? For a small class of privileged elites to have their Downtown party? Well, start writing those letters. Start telling your friends who are registered to vote in Chico.

Don’t forget to drop a quick note to council members Alex Brown and Kasey Reynolds, whose terms are up in 2022. I think Mike O’Brien is up as well, having been named to replace Scott Huber. Let them know, that if they plan to run, they better not be stupid enough to back a tax measure. Don’t forget to tell them what you think of them ILLEGALLY using tax money to run it.

Frankly, I don’t think council had any business appointing anybody (certainly not a pensioner). Furthermore, Reynolds and Brown have had their run, and need to be shown the door. But, if by some miracle, they all three reversed their vote to run this measure, I’d be willing to think about supporting their candidacy. I’d have to think pretty hard on it.

2 Responses to “Reynolds and Brown, and I think, O’Brien, are up in 2022, let them know what you think of the tax measure they endorsed for the 2022 ballot”

  1. Brandon Bidwell January 11, 2022 at 8:00 pm #

    Bennett is also up in 2022. Thus the strategic maneuver to try and recall Coolidge & Morgan. They know all conservatives made the same decisions about things like the ice rink. It’s not about an actual recall based on merit or lack thereof, but a way to get mix things up, mess with the party, take some $$ from their bank accounts as well as supporters. Give it a shot. If it goes through great! They have the “Chico Voters” machine (Social Media, mission statements, blogs, all bells and whistles) for Nov. Not just City Council but School Board, etc. Andrew is most exposed because he won because Stone decided to run for some unknown reason and split the vote with Kohler who would have won if she pulled in Randall’s 600+ votes.

    Otherwise they should have recalled Tandon too. But they straight up say she’s irrelevant. Kasey up so not worth the effort.

    They are trying to rerun the election they lost. They are poor sports. Actually they love the chaos.

    • Juanita Sumner January 12, 2022 at 6:49 am #

      A lot of people have remarked to me, why not the whole council? You’re right, the recall is nothing more than a tactic. I hope it fails and they are forced to come up with candidates and run in a real election. I agree with you – the demos I know are hysterics who thrive in chaos.

      Frankly, a lot of these people – including Tandon and Kohler – are not qualified. They really don’t understand the laws and they just end up being tools for Staff. Stone and Coolidge are more qualified, but they have giant egos and their own agendas. Same with Morgan. Reynolds is stupid and easily flattered. They’re all liars. Finding people who are both qualified and genuinely care about the people is really hard. Meanwhile, voters are lazy and unwilling to educate themselves.

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