US Attorney reports that PG&E is not doing the ordered work on their electrical infrastructure

19 Dec

Were you left without power for days this week? Even though you pay you bill without fail? Well here’s why:

PG&E has not been doing the work they were ordered to do after the Camp Fire

This sentence is confusing: “The company also noted that the monitor does not suspect that the company’s leaders are honest in their efforts to rectify the situation.

If the monitor suspects the company is being dishonest, I agree. We have a property east of town, and we’ve had three different contractors from PG&E evaluate and mark trees on and adjacent to our property since the Camp Fire, asking us to open our gate so they can come in and cut the trees. We’ve showed up on the appointed day, left the gate open all day, and nobody has ever showed up. Same goes for trees marked by the same contractors all up and down the roads around our property, trees they could have taken at any time without asking for anybody to open a gate.

I sent pictures to Mike Wolcott and his former star reporter Natalie Hansen, and they never even responded, even though Hansen was doing a fluff piece on the subject.

Reading through this article, it doesn’t look like anybody is taking this too seriously, including the judge that ordered the work. So, this summer, we lost Greenville, and we almost lost Chester. Whole towns that have been inhabited by generations of tax and rate-paying citizens, just GONE.

It’s the same old story – the outrage isn’t big enough yet. How many more towns will they burn before people really get mad?

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