I’m starting to think the best way to contact your district representative is with a letter to the newspaper

4 Apr

Well, I know I’m always telling you folks to contact your city rep. So, I contacted my city district representative, Kasey Reynolds, about the problems I see with CO2 cannisters, dispensers, and Kratom powder being available at smoke shops. I sent her the picture. I was really disappointed in her response. For one thing, I don’t know if she read my email very carefully, and then she just didn’t get it.

I told her, “These cannisters pictured are placed in a dispenser used specifically to inhale the fumes” and she came back as if she thought I was talking about the dispensers she uses at her ice cream store. It’s a CO2 cannister, Dummy, there’s no whip cream in it!

Thank you Juanita, not sure I have a good answer on this one but I’ll see what I can do. Unfortunately this is also what I use for making whipped cream so not sure how we could/would regulate them. BUT I do appreciate you reaching out at always.”

Sometimes I just don’t know how to talk to these people. I think we all know, it’s pretty obvious, we have a drug problem in this town. This woman lives right around the corner from me, in my neighborhood, I assume she has a pair of eyes, she sees what I see. The problem being, she doesn’t seem to realize that she has a responsibility to oversee these businesses and regulate them. Right now the dispensaries are all over the agenda, and council is giving them The Business. But not the smoke shops or liquor stores?

I also brought up the issue of Kratom powder – which is completely unregulated in Chico. Anybody old enough to go into a smoke shop (18 if they’re checking ID’s) can buy a bag of this stuff.


This stuff is marketed as an aide in detoxing off opioids, but it’s also used very commonly for recreation. “Although people who take kratom believe in its value, researchers who have studied kratom think its side effects and safety problems more than offset any potential benefits. Poison control centers in the United States received about 1,800 reports involving use of kratom from 2011 through 2017, including reports of death. About half of these exposures resulted in serious negative outcomes such as seizures and high blood pressure. Five of the seven infants who were reported to have been exposed to kratom went through withdrawal. Kratom has been classified as possibly unsafe when taken orally.

That article goes on to say that Kratom causes paranoia and psychosis – I told Reynolds I’d seen a friend under the influence, it was very similar to the effects I’ve seen in the meth heads around town.

I told her the smoke shop at Mangrove Plaza advertises Kratom in great big letters on their marquee. She made no mention of that, just brushed me off on the whip cream dispensers. Then she gave me some news about the future.

I apologize for not answering your email about MO! [Mark Orme] I did read it and as you can see he has chosen to move on.  I feel good about it and know brighter days are ahead. There are some exciting projects I’m working on and hope to be able to share some successes SOON.

I had told her I’d like to see council terminate Orme’s contract – but they let him “move on“. I wish I could share her optimism, wonder where she gets her rose-colored specs? She’s working on some “exciting projects” but won’t share what. I responded:

Well, here’s my answer – the dispensers are sold only at smoke shops, they’re not for making whip cream. Ban ’em! You have the power to regulate smoke shops and liquor stores. Same with Kratom powder – it’s been banned in other cities, even several states, Chico can ban it. How old are your kids? Because according to this article, there’s no legal age to buy Kratom powder in CA 

And I provided links to articles showing that other California cities had already banned the stuff, as well as several states. I said, “So you see, this is something council needs to take to task.”

I think I offended her with what I wrote next, although I didn’t mean to, I had to be frank. Reynolds had admitted on her own facebook page, and in a letter to the judge overseeing the transient lawsuit, that she didn’t understand the settlement she’d agreed to. I told her, “It bothers me how dependent council members are on staff for their information. I was shocked when you admitted that you had not fully understood the settlement terms. I find Vince to be difficult. Of course,  the taxpayers are held off by the forehead, whether we would understand or not, we are not part of the discussion. I think it would be a good idea for you to get your own lawyer. You could pay for it out of your council salary. It’s no excuse to say you didn’t understand, Young Lady. “

I was shocked and then annoyed at her response. I don’t think I really offended her, I think she just doesn’t want to answer. “My council salary is $350 a month take home pay so that would get me about an hour!!  This “young lady” will take all into consideration.”

Well, that figure doesn’t match information I’ve got in past from staff, and she’s not including her $18,000 insurance plan. For her entire family. According to her contract, she pays 2% of her salary toward that policy. And she doesn’t have to report the city subsidy as income, like Cal Covered. According to Transparent California, she made $5,783 in salary in 2020, so her share of the insurance premium would be a little over $100/year. There’s also a $900 “other pay” figure – is that the gas and cellphone stipend? I don’t think she’s being completely honest about the salary she votes to pay herself, or her very nice benefits, and that bugs me.

Furthermore, I can’t think of a better use of her council stipend than to do some legal research that would help her do a competent job. What, new shoes, a new outfit? A trip to the hair salon?

Every time I contact this woman I walk away frustrated. I think she’d probably read it better if it was in the newspaper.

2 Responses to “I’m starting to think the best way to contact your district representative is with a letter to the newspaper”

  1. bob April 4, 2022 at 5:38 pm #

    There are some exciting projects I’m working on and hope to be able to share some successes SOON.

    Her “exciting projects” are raising our taxes and getting us deeper in debt. She and the rest of the parasites on the council will do all they can to ram that sales tax increase down our throats (with our money paid to a “consulting” (aka propaganda) firm to fool the rubes into voting for it). And they will use the revenue from the tax increase to float a huge bond getting us on the hook to Wall Street for hundreds of millions!

    And that’s just the start. They have other tax increases they want to impose upon us.

    And at a time we are being eaten alive by inflation. The city council doesn’t represent us. Never has and never will.

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