Do your research, write your election letters, and send them here!

7 Sep

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about writing letters to the editor. I see Mike Wolcott has already lowered the boom – it was sometime in August, after which we are only allowed one election related letter. He says he gets overwhelmed with letters – I think he manages the page poorly, whole days printing nothing. But, he’s the boss, and he makes the rules.

Of course it’s perfectly reasonable for an editor to make rules, I just wish Wolcott was more consistent. No personal insults – since when? Claims must have supporting facts – since when? I laughed out loud when I read that the paper will not research anything in depth – isn’t that what journalism is about?

We’ve all watched the letters section descend into a mosh pit. I wish more people would actually follow those rules all the time, and Wolcott would really uphold them.

Here’s a source I wish more people would read and cite – the city budget.

I quoted the budget in my “Argument Against Measure H,” and the proponents came back saying I was using “scare tactics”. Yeah, our budget is scary, give it a read, there are things in there you should know, and can quote in your next letter.

Another good read is the Agendas/Minutes page – City Council is not the only board that affects our lives, and the others aren’t elected, they’re appointed. You should know about these boards and read up on their activities:

I know, I’m just a blogger, and I’ve been accused of spreading misinformation, but I am very serious about getting people to inform themselves, look at different sources, read between the lines. Stay out of gossip and feelings, and state the facts, Ma’am.

And, if you please, send your letter here and I’ll run it. Just cut and paste it into a comment on the “contact us here” page.

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