There are a lot of reasons to vote this November: Brian Dahle isn’t just a vote against Newsom, he’s an experienced and strong candidate with working class values

10 Oct

This morning I read an article that made me realize, there’s more than a sales tax at stake in this election. I hate getting my panties in a knot over the news, but today I read that Gavin Newsom signed legislation to ban plastic film “produce” bags by 2025.

I really hate that guy.

The other thing that pissed me off was why – they are saying that since the single use plastic film grocery bag ban was instituted, “There was a 72% drop in grocery bag litter in the state just one year after it was fully implemented…

I won’t say that’s not true for the year after implementation, but now the cow’s out of the barn again – people got used to paying their nickel, and I’ve noticed some vendors don’t charge the nickel anymore, and people are back to using “single use bags” whether they are plastic or paper. I just saw a plastic Raley’s bag blowing down the freeway yesterday.

And no, they’re not the flimsy film plastic anymore, they’re higher mil plastic that’s going to sit in the landfill for years.

This new law is also tied to the compost mandate presented earlier this year. Waste haulers and their customers are required to sort food waste, including pizza boxes, dirty napkins, and other “food soiled paper”, into their yard waste bins. Proponents say produce bags will end up in yard waste bins, because yeah, some people use produce bags to store food waste under their sink next to their trash can. This “pollutes the stream”. So they want grocery stores to switch to compostable produce bags. These are already available to consumers.

Do you wonder if the Supreme Commander ever thinks about how his actions add to the cost of living for the rest of us?

So I’m voting for Brian Dahle. who has more in common with me, my family, and my friends, than Gavin Newsom. Dahle grew up on a working farm, and like members of my farming family, he has taken the time to serve on public boards, worked his way up into state politics. A Lassen County supervisor for 16 years, he has since served in the legislature, from 2012-19. It takes more than good intentions to run this state. Dahle has experience in the legislature, dealing with other legislators from all over the state. I think he has a better idea of what is good for the people of this state than an entitled Bay Area socialite.

There are a number of issues in this election that should bring us all to the table. I hope people are energized to vote, and I’m hoping Dahle will bring more people to the polls.

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